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Pharmacy Technician 2019-2020


Pharmacy Technician certificate curriculum is a nine month sequential program accredited by the Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Commission (ASHP/ACPE accredited), with entry in the Fall Quarter only. This program prepares students for pharmacy technician positions in hospitals, nursing homes, retail, home health care and public and government agencies. Graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and are qualified to apply and register with California State Board of Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician. Registration is a legal requirement in order to work as a Pharmacy Technician.

An optional two-year expanded Pharmacy Technician Associate in Science degree program is also available which includes general education. This two-year course sequence offers the student the ability to transfer to a four-year college or to enter the job market with additional technical and theoretical background.

Program Learning Outcomes:

-Graduates will demonstrate pharmaceutical knowledge, clinical skills and values necessary to practice as a competent pharmacy technician in both retail and hospital pharmacy settings.
-Graduates will demonstrate competency with entry-level clinical skills in accordance with ASHP/ACPE accreditation requirements.

Career Opportunities:

Pharmacy technician opportunities are available in retail pharmacies, hospitals, home health care, mail order houses, nursing homes, health insurance, veterinary clinics, and public and government medical facilities.

Units Required

  • Major: 52
  • Certificate(s): 52

Degree Requirements:

Optional Associate Degree Requirements:
-English proficiency: ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, or equivalent.
-Mathematics proficiency: MATH 105, 180, or any MATH course approved for Foothill GE Area V, Communication & Analytical Thinking.
A minimum of 90 units is required* to include:
-Completion of one of the following general education patterns: Foothill General Education, CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
-Core courses (52 units)

*Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, a grade of "C" or better is required for all core courses used for the degree or certificate.

AS = Associate in Science Degree.
CA = Certificate of Achievement.

Additional Information:

Program Application
Admittance to this program is through an application process. Program information, admission criteria and application to the program can be found on the Pharmacy Technician website:

Program Prerequisites: (must be completed with a grade of "C" or better)
BIOL 14 or equivalent.
MATH 180 or equivalent.
PHT 200L (usually offered Winter, Spring and Summer quarters).
One of the following: ENGL 1A, 1AH, or 1S & 1T or equivalent.

Core Courses (52 units)

AHS 50A Introduction to Allied Health Programs (1.5 units)

PHT 50 Orientation to Pharmacy Technology (3 units)
PHT 51 Basic Pharmaceutics (3 units)
PHT 52A Inpatient Dispensing (3 units)
PHT 53 Ambulatory Pharmacy Practice (4 units)
PHT 54A Dosage Calculations A (3 units)
PHT 55A Pharmacology A (3 units)

AHS 50B Interprofessional Patient Competencies (0.5 unit)
PHT 52B Aseptic Technique & IV Preparation (4 units)
PHT 54B Dosage Calculations B (3 units)
PHT 55B Pharmacology B (3 units)
PHT 56A Dispensing & Compounding A (3 units)
PHT 61 Home Health Care Supplies (3 units)

PHT 55C Pharmacology C (3 units)
PHT 56B Dispensing & Compounding B (3 units)
PHT 63 Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) Review (1 unit)
PHT 60 Retail Clinical (4 units)
PHT 62 Hospital Clinical (4 units)

Certificate Requirements

Certificate of Achievement in Pharmacy Technician

Units: 52

The certificate of achievement is awarded upon completion of the core courses. General education courses are not required; however, the program prerequisite requirements must be met.

Control Information:
2019-2020 | Status: Approved | Modified: 2019-05-30 11:24:04 | Dept Code: PHT

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