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TechCore Program

TechCore Is Changing!

TechCore is being changed to PRE-STEM in the 2021-22 school year. If interested, visit the PRE-STEM webpage for more information.

TechCore will be discontinued in its current format and relaunched as PRE-STEM with a broader focus on all STEM disciplines.

About the TechCore Program

TechCore is a cohort program for students on a guided pathway to an Associate Degree for Transfer in Computer Science (ADT-CS).

Research shows that women, Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander individuals, and low-income individuals are underrepresented in STEM disciplines in higher education and in the workplace.

Our program provides students from underrepresented groups in the STEM field a shared learning experience to ensure their success in the transfer pathway.

Additionally, cohort programs have been proven to contribute to successful attainment of goals, such as a transfer degree, for all students. TechCore aims to break stereotypes of who can be successful in STEM by equipping students with tools and supports in both academic and work-based settings.

TechCore is open to all students. Eligible students may receive two years free tuition and textbooks through the Foothill College Promise program.

TechCore provides you with

If all of this is of interest to you, then check out PRE-STEM which is being launched for the 2021-22 school year.

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