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Student Accounts Office

Account Policies

How to Open a New Club and Trust Account

To open an account, please bring the following documents to the Office of Student Accounts:

  1. Authorization form to open an account needs to be completed and signed by the advisor(s) authorized to sign on the account.
  2. ICC minutes (for club only)
  3. Signature card with advisor signature and the signature of a representative member of the club
  4. Note: For all accounts other than scholarships, clubs, ASFC Income & Expenses, a questionnaire for Trust Accounts needs to be completed with the authorization form.

We will forward it to the Dean of Student Affairs & Activities for approval to open your account.

Once approval is granted, the account is opened and we will assign an account number.



When making deposits, please write the account number on the check(s), this will help us trace the drawer of the check in the event of it being returned from the bank. The Foothill Bookstore receives your deposits and issues a receipt to you at the same time. Please present yourself to deposit the money and tell the receiver in the Bookstore where this money is coming from (fund raising, donation, etc.).

Check Requests

All expenses incurred on behalf of a club must be supported by your club minutes, and signed by the club secretary to ensure the accountability and responsibility.

The only exceptions will be miscellaneous charges made at the Smart Shop or the Paint Room Graphics.

Activities-related expenses need ICC minutes for the approval of the activities.

With the ICC minutes, the club minutes, invoices and other necessary supporting documents, the payments are ready to be processed.

Important Information for Clubs

Please note that a new procedure is now in place regarding signatures on the check requisition:

  • The advisor needs to sign the requisition and a club representative needs to sign it as a "ASFC Budget Representative."
  • This student must be a club member for at least 2 quarters (preferably 1 year) and needs to fill out a signature card.
  • The check requisition will not be processed if one of these signatures is missing or if the club minutes are not attached.
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