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TTW Program

Tools for Transition and Work

What is the TTW Program at Foothill College?

The TTW Program is a 12-month program designed for people with disabilities who can function independently on a college campus but may not currently have the ability to succeed in a traditional college classroom.

We believe that students may have a variety of goals in this transitional time in life. TTW students have the opportunity to:

  • experience college life
  • strengthen communication and social skills
  • develop specific job skills
  • receive on-the-job training at the Foothill campus
  • enroll in classes that prepare students to take their next step toward independence.

Having an interest in college and behavior that is appropriate for a college campus is key to admission and success in the program.

Students must have the ability and willingness to participate — with support — in classroom assignments.

Program Mission

TTW is our commitment to providing equal access and higher education options for people with disabilities, including people with developmental, intellectual, emotional and learning disabilities.

We believe that this access to higher education will provide students with academic, vocational, social and emotional skills that are important for their future success in achieving the life goals they choose.

Next Steps After TTW

TTW graduates choose several different paths.

  • Some students want to go to work and can be connected to agencies that will assist them in finding a job.
  • Other students choose to continue education and apply to supported residential programs specifically focused on students with disabilities.
  • In rare cases, a student may be able to transition to traditional community college classes.
  • Foothill College staff help provide connections for next steps for students upon completion of the TTW Program.

Application Process

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