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Apprenticeship Program

How to Apply

To apply to one of our apprenticeship trade programs, you'll first apply through the Local Union Training office

DO NOT apply for admission to Foothill College. After you are accepted into an apprenticeship program, you'll be able to register for classes and officially become an apprenticeship student with Foothill. 

Follow These Steps 

1. Research Trades
2. Get the Details

Once you have decided on a trade (i.e. electrician, plumber) and found the location of the training center where the program is offered, visit their website to gather critical information:

  • Date(s) to apply
  • What to bring
  • Expectations of the trade
  • Characteristics of the trade
3. Apply for Your Selected Trade
  • Apply on the date advertised and bring all required documentation.
  • Aptitude tests are typically held approximately 2-3 months after qualifying as an applicant.
  • Test notification will be sent by mail.
4. Take Applicant Test
  • Sign up and complete the applicant test (sometimes referred to as aptitude test) on the date provided.
5. Complete an Oral Interview
  • An oral interview may be required by your chosen trade.
  • Oral interview takes about 1-2 months to get scheduled once you pass the aptitude test.
6. After Testing and Interviews are Complete
  • You will receive notification from the union of your ranking or selection into the program.
  • If you do not hear back from the trade after the allotted period of time, you should contact them.


At Foothill College, apprenticeship students are exempt from paying student fees.

Entrance Examination & Oral Interview

All candidates must pass the entry exam at a minimum of 70% and an oral interview prior to being accepted in the program.

On-the-Job Training

Apprentices earn a competitive income while learning their craft from a master journeyman. They attend school one or two nights a week for three hours a night over a quarter or semester. The term (fall, winter, spring, summer) varies with each program.

Additional Information

For information about a specific apprenticeship program — including its availability, requirements or application process — contact a training location listed for trades affiliated with the Foothill College Apprenticeship program.

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Please Contact Us!

Apprenticeship Office


Virtual Zoom Meeting Available Upon Request
Chris Allen, Division Dean
Email: allenchris@foothill.edu
Phuong Tran, Apprenticeship Program Coordinator
Phone: 408.745.8018
Email: tranphuong@foothill.edu

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