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Employee Profiles

Update Your Employee Profile

Recent Changes to the Foothill Employee Directory

Effective summer 2023, you'll see changes to our Faculty & Staff Directory Search, including a new look and feel for employee profiles— linked from faculty names in our Schedule of Classes and Academic Department faculty directories.

Key Changes for Employees

  • You will no longer update your Foothill directory profile in 3CMS.
  • Instead, full-time employees and part-time faculty are being provided a profile to edit with OmniCMS, Foothill's web content management tool. 
  • See how to get started editing your profile, including training and support schedule.

What if . . .

I cannot find my name on the directory search results?

If you are part-time faculty or a new employee and DO NOT find your name on the list, please email with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Department
  • Start Date
  • Quarter Term in which you last taught a class (if faculty).

My name is listed but my profile is not linked?

If you are a NEW employee and your name is on the list but not linked, that means your profile still needs to be created.

Please email with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • HIre Date

I cannot find an email for a current or former colleague or instructor?

Currently, student employees and non-instructional temporary employees are not included in the Faculty & Staff Directory Search. However, they may have a Foothill .fhda email. To send an email, try

For further assistance contacting a current or former instructor, you may reach out to an academic department's division office as listed on the department directory.

Where can I find my old directory profile info for updating my new one?

If you had a directory profile in the old C3MS system, you can search for your name here.




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