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English for Second Language Learners

ESLL Non-Credit Program

Our non-credit ESL courses listed as NCEL are free of charge with no registration fee. Let us help you reach your goals to communicate better at home, at work, or in the community! Foothill College offers six levels of ESL. You can take levels 1-4 for non-credit plus a variety of other non-credit options.


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How to Sign Up

  1. Apply for admission to Foothill College
  2. Register for an NCEL course in MyPortal.

ESLL Non-Credit Courses Sequence

All noncredit courses may be repeated as many times as needed.

See course catalog for detailed descriptions.

See schedule of classes for courses offered this and upcoming term.


 NCEL 436 Advanced Grammar
 NCEL 437 Basic Composition


 NCEL 426 High Intermediate Grammar
 NCEL 427 High Intermediate Reading Skills


 NCEL 421, 422, 423
 Intermediate English as a Second Language I,II,III 


 NCEL 411, 412, 413
 Advanced Beginning English as a Second Language I,II,III


What Our Faculty and Students Say

I love that we have non-credit ESL classes because it really does make learning English more affordable. Not only that, but students in our non-credit classes make lifelong friends with classmates from all over the world. It really is a fun place to learn, and it makes me feel good when students discover a program at Foothill that makes them excited about learning — beyond learning English!  

– Instructor Amy Sarver


I am a housekeeping supervisor in one hotel. This is my first quarter here at Foothill College and I want to continue with these classes because it’s very important to me to find a very good job.  And, I want to take credit classes in the future. I am very thankful for this program.

– ESL Student Mariana Flores



Non-credit level 1 and 2 courses do not have any prerequisites, but are intended for students who already have basic conversational ability.

Our local Adult Schools offer beginner level ESL courses if our level 1 class is too advanced.

Find information for programs by selecting a district near you.

  1. Mountain View-Los Altos Adult Education
  2. FUHSD Adult School
  3. Santa Clara Adult Education
  4. Palo Alto Adult School

ESLL Noncredit Class Schedule

Credit ESLL program

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