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Foothill Medical/Dental Brigades 2024

Travel to Honduras Aug. 13-19, 2024

Join our medical/dental brigade to Honduras this summer.  The brigade is organized by students in the Foothill Medical/Dental Brigades Club in partnership with Global Brigades, Inc. 


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About the Program

The brigade is organized by students in the Foothill Medical/Dental Brigades Club in partnership with Global Brigades, Inc.  

Our mission is to provide sustainable development to underserved communities throughout the world.  Our Foothill team recruits student volunteers and medical/dental professionals for a medical/dental brigade to assist Honduran communities in need.  

Volunteers gather supplies, fundraise, and travel to Honduras to set up free medical/dental clinics, implement public health infrastructure, and share important health and wellness information side-by-side with doctors, dentists and community members.

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In 2011, two socially-minded Biology students approached their biology teacher, Lisa Schultheis, about traveling to Central America with Global Brigade, to provide healthcare to rural villagers.

Since then, the first Foothill College Global Brigade traveled to Honduras in a unique Medical/Dental Brigade, bringing a group of pre-health students and dental hygiene students to remote areas of Honduras. Our students worked alongside local doctors and dentists who knew the local culture and the language, assisting and shadowing them as they administered needed dental and medical care in an holistic approach.

Yearly trips since then to Central America by our Foothill College Medical/Dental Brigade have included various BHS tenured and adjunct faculty from Biology, Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy, EMS as well as the BHS Dean.  Each year, student club leaders recruit new members and organize fundraising activities, raise money to pay for medicine, dental supplies and hygiene packs that they bring to the site for distribution.  



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