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Worried about the college you will attend?

The College You Go to May Not Matter as Much as you Think - listen to some NPR interviews with New York Times Columnist Frank Bruni about his book "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania". We are also encouraging students to watch some other thoughtful, brief videos:

Where you go to college is not who you will be

America's obsession with elite colleges

Deciding on the best college for you

Bloomberg video: College admission: Inside the Decision Room

What universities are looking for in a letter of recommendation

Interview with Columbia University Director of Undergraduate Admissions

TedXTalk on community college transfer to Cornell, Yale, Harvard

UC Wants Transfer Students!

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation video on community college transfer

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Main Campus and Sunnyvale Center Open Tuesday, Nov. 20

Due to improved conditions and anticipated rain, Foothill College and Sunnyvale Center will be open Tuesday, Nov. 20. Face masks will be available at the Health Center, Library, Stem Center and TLC.

Campus Open Tuesday, Nov. 20