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Honors Institute

Try an Honors Course Program

For students who have not yet met our minimum eligibility requirements, we offer the “Try An Honors Course” trial program.

  • The trial program allows students to try one of our honors courses while still making progress towards the official, Honors Institute program requirements.
  • Many Honors Scholars begin through the “Try An Honors Course” path!

Requirements for Trial Program

To qualify for the trial program, students must satisfy both of the following requirements:

1. Academic Performance

  1. For continuing Foothill College students, demonstrate a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in 10 or more units completed at Foothill College


  2. For new students to Foothill, please provide transcripts (unofficial is fine) for one of the following:
    • Minimum 3.5 (unweighted) cumulative high school GPA; or,
    • Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in 10 or more units at another accredited college or university.

2. Writing Proficiency

Honors courses typically require more writing than non-honors courses. Students are required to demonstrate the potential for successful completion of honors courses by providing evidence of one of the following:

  1. Foothill English Assessment Test results indicating eligibility for Honors ENGL 1AH; or,
  2. Completion of ENGL 1A or ENGL 1S & 1T or ESLL 26 or equivalent with a grade B or better.

Try an Honors Course Application

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Honors Course Schedule

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