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Prospective International Students

Transferring to Foothill College from a U.S. School

You are considered an F-1 transfer student if either of these situations applies to you:

  • You hold an I-20 from a language school, high school, college, or university in the United States, and you are completing (or have recently completed) your studies at that school in active F-1 status.
  • You are completing OPT and you wish to transfer to Foothill to begin a new study program after your OPT ends.

For concurrent enrollment (taking classes as a guest student at Foothill while maintaining your I-20 at another school) see here.


Follow these steps to successfully transfer your I-20 to Foothill College:

  1. Complete the International Student Application. After you are admitted, you will be able to access your admission letter through the admission portal.

  2. Submit a copy of your admission letter to your current school to request the transfer to Foothill College. Note: Foothill College does not require any transfer form to be completed by your current school. 
    • Foothill's SEVIS School Code is SFR214F00020000.
  3. Complete the I-20 Request Form on your admission checklist by logging into the admission portal.

  4. If you are eligible for transfer*, your current school will set a release date to transfer your I-20 electronically to Foothill. This date will be after your last day of classes at your current school and before the end of your 60-day program completion grace period.
    • Foothill cannot issue you an I-20 until after your record is released by your current school.
    • If you are on OPT, you may not continue working after the release date of your I-20. 
  5. Once your SEVIS record is released by your current school and received by Foothill College, your new I-20 will be processed and delivered to you electronically.

*Foothill College does not accept Terminated or Completed SEVIS records. 


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