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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

Preparing Your Proposal

Top Reasons Proposals are NOT Accepted

  • Poor Writing. Proposals with typos and grammar mistakes are quickly eliminated. Proposals in which it is difficult to understand the main ideas or proposals that have unclear descriptions will not be selected.  Have someone unfamiliar with your project read your proposal to see if they understand it clearly. 
  • Ignoring Word Length Limits. Proposals that exceed the word count requirements will be eliminated.
  • Poor Quality Resources (for research projects only).  We look closely at references to determine that they have appropriate academic value.  Projects with low-quality, non-scholarly references will likely not be accepted.   
  • Sloppy Methodology (for research projects only) The quality of research so often hinges on the quality of the methodology used.  Your research projects should utilize discipline-appropriate protocols and methodologies. 
  • Outdated or Uninspired Topics We are looking for research and service leadership/community engagement projects that provide value to society, to a body of knowledge, or to a community of people.  Research or service leadership projects that lack original thought or that provide little value to social, environmental or personal life, or projects that fail to advance a body of knowledge will not be accepted. 
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Questions?Please contact me!

Ben Stefonik, R&SL Symposium Coordinator