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Disability Resource Center

Steps to Register with DRC

Welcome! We are glad you are reaching out to DRC for support! Please complete the following steps to register with us:

1. Apply to Foothill College

  • Foothill Disability Resource Center (DRC) services are only available to students who have applied to Foothill College and registered for DRC services.
  • If you have not already done so, please  apply to Foothill College and obtain your 8-digit Foothill ID number (or CWID) needed to start the DRC registration process. 
  • Note: If you are a recent high school graduate who plans to to take a summer course and receive DRC services, be sure to choose the "summer" session as your first term. 

2. Complete DRC “Online Intake”

  1. Log in to MyPortal
  2. Go to the Clockwork app in the student area
  3. Click on link “Foothill Disability Svc”
  4. Click on “Online Intake” icon
  5. Complete online intake form & upload required disability documentation**
**Obtaining Your Disability Documentation
  •  You may either use the Medical Verification Form or you may request documentation such as an IEP or psychoeducational evaluation from your school district or school psychologist.
  • Disability documentation may have been sufficient to establish eligibility for reasonable accommodations at other institutions, such as high schools or community colleges, but may not automatically transfer and may need updating before establishing accommodation eligibility at Foothill College.
  • You may not need to submit disability documentation if your disability and accommodation requests can be verified by observation (e.g., wheelchair user, etc.)

NOTE: Students are required to submit all necessary information and documentation prior to scheduling an intake appointment.

3. Schedule Intake Appointment with DRC Counselor

After the above steps are completed:

  • Your application and documents will be reviewed. 
  • Once the review is complete, you will be contacted by our DRC staff via phone or email to schedule your intake appointment with a DRC counselor.
  • Current intake appointments are via Zoom. 

Need Assistance? 

Contact our DRC staff during our business hours if you have any questions about these steps or need assistance at 650.949.7017 or

We are here to help you and look forward to meeting you! 

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