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EOPS Counseling

Current EOPS Participants

All EOPS participants are required to schedule TWO counseling appointments per quarter.

  • Additional appointments are encouraged. So don't forget to schedule your 2nd counseling appointment in a timely manner before the end of the quarter.
  • Only one counseling appointment is required during the summer session.
  • If you are note a current EOPS/CARE participant and schedule an appointment here, YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELLED.

Schedule Your EOPS Counseling Appointment

EOPS Counselors are available in-person;

Tobias Nava, Monday & Tuesday

Tilly Wu, Wednesday & Thursday 

In-Person or zoom Appointment

If you absolutely cannot meet with a counselor in person or by Zoom, then you may schedule a Telephone appointment.

Telephone Appointment


New Applicants

To inquire about how to apply for EOPS/CARE, go to EOPS Student Connect LIVE (see above), Click on the green "Chat with EOPS" tab or contact, or

Your Educational Plan

What is an EOPS Educational Plan?

An educational plan is an outline of a student's course of study, which will eventually lead to a determined academic goal.

Who does the Educational Plan?

You develop an individualized educational plan along with the assistance and guidance of an EOPS counselor.

The plan may include the following information:

  • Academic goal(s)
  • A list of courses needed to reach your goal(s)
  • A list of courses that you have already completed

Why is an Educational Plan important?

Once you have a clear understanding of the requirements that are necessary to fulfill your educational goal(s), then you will be able to plan accordingly during your enrollment at Foothill College.

How can an Educational Plan help you?

It will facilitate your registration process as you become aware of the required courses and any options you may have. Through carefully planning, you will be in control of the decision making process. Knowing your needs will help you in seeking out the necessary assistance you may need

When should the Educational Plan be done?

After you are EOPS eligible, you must schedule an appointment with the EOPS counselor for assistance with your educational plan. The counseling appointment must be established at least once per term and a thorough discussion pertaining to your educational plan will be included.

Our Counseling Team is Here for You

As your EOPS Counselors,  we are here to use our skills, techniques, interventions, logic, and intuition to help you make decisions leading to successful college and life experiences. 

We specifically help you with:

  • Assist you with various issues relating to your academic, career, and personal development.
  • Help you acclimate to the Foothill College environment and culture. 
  • Develop your educational plan, help you with your class selection, and guide you through registration.
  • Work with you to develop career exploration strategies and assist you in deciding on a major and/or career. 
  • Walk you through the entire transfer process from selecting Universities to completing the application.
  • Support you on a personal level with obstacles and challenges that can interfere with the pursuit of your academic goals.
  • Teach college success courses to include Introduction to College and College Success and EOPS specific courses that provide you with the appropriate tools and skills to enhance your college experience.
  • Refer you to the resources available on campus if needed.

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