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Heritage & Health Series Program

COVID-19 PSA Contest

Create a Video, Film, Song, Art Piece

Make it easily accessible for all and share on social media. Each  #hashtag winner receives $500!

Deadline: Thursday, April 23

Hashtag categories. See full details below.

  • #FHOnlineLearning
  • #FHMentalWellness
  • #FHStandTogether
  • #FHSpreadTheTruth

President Thuy will serve as judge for the contest. Read her letter!

Note: All information on the downloadable PDF for reference is accessble on this web page.

COVID-19 Flyer


We, the Associated Students of Foothill College, want the student body to raise awareness within the student body on the impacts of the COVID 19 virus, by focusing on four specific regions of thought, that have needs for awareness: Online Resources, Mental Health, Xenophobia, Misinformation.

How To Participate

  • Must be registered in one Foothill class
  • Create a video, film, song, art piece, etc. that is easily accessible for all
  • Foothill students to access online, as a PSA under one of the following themes
  • Students may work with others, but only one person should submit their group's PSA
  • Formats for the PSA are open- ended, but the PSA must be accessible to the community PSA intended for the cash prize, funded by Foothill Service Leadership, must be submitted following the details for submission

Details for Submission

Social Media

  • Use the following hashtags when posting your PSA
  • Be sure to use the specific hashtag for your category
  • Submissions NOT emailed will NOT be counted for the $500 prize


  • To be considered for the $500 prize, email your PSA. to
  • Submissions due by email by Thursday, April 23 before MIDNIGHT to be considered
  • Email submissions should include the creator's name and CWID in the subject title

Hashtag Categories    


Share information about Foothill's Virtual Campus  and online classes, but also be sure to include multiple platforms (Canvas, Zoom, Google).


Share information and resources on and off campus promoting student wellness, such as Psychological Services and meditation, to help students reduce stress and anxiety from isolation.


Share information to promote Foothill's stance against xenophobia and prejudice by educating our community about microaggressions and other ways Asians and Asian-American members can be targeted by racism.


Share information that is factually accurate and credible that would help prevent the spread of COVID - 19, such as using scientifically approved methods, social distancing and hand washing.  For current information, see the CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) website.


Please contact Abhiraj Muhar at

Contest Sponsors

API Month Committee, Health & Safety Task Force, and President Thuy Nguyen.


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