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Honors Institute

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Foothill College Honors Institute is to nurture student growth by cultivating intellectual curiosity, fostering educational aspirations, and promoting engagement through an inclusive community dedicated to scholarly excellence and social consciousness. The Foothill College Honors Institute is dedicated to advancing equity in education for all.

Value Statement

  1. The honors program is an interdisciplinary effort to develop talent and ability in both the academic and leadership areas.
  2. The honors program recognizes that racial inequality exists in higher education. We are committed to change this system for marginalized students by actively recruiting from disproportionately impacted groups, providing students service learning and leadership opportunities, and increasing the diversity of the faculty who teach honors courses.
  3. Furthermore, we believe that the college needs to provide resources to minimize the equity gap in honors courses by engaging students holistically and supporting them with a comprehensive model of counseling. To maximize high quality learning and success, the college has an obligation to offer professional development on culturally competent curriculum and inclusive curriculum to further enhance the honors classroom experience.

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(Building 1900, Room 1961)

Samuel Connell, Ph.D.
Honors Institute Coordinator

Tracee Cunningham, M.A. 
Honors Institute Counseling Lead

Erika Owens 
Administrative Assistant

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Phone: 650.949.7061


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Honors Institute

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