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Bay Honors Research Symposium  

The Honors Research Symposium gives students the opportunity to participate in scholarly research in a variety of disciplines, with the goal of presenting their findings in a variety of formats.

This year the symposium will be held on May 6, 2023 at Stanford University. Thirteen proposals from Foothill College were selected in 2019.

Proposals Due February 14th

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group of honors students at stanford university

Foothill Presenters who were at 2019 Symposium

A Rose By Any Other Name: Neo-Colonial Flower Plantations in the Shadow of the Spanish Hacienda
Presented by: Liza Mamedov-Turchinsky
Mentor: Samuel Connell & Zev Cossin

Anti-immigration Sentimnts: To what extent does social environment form an ideal environment for groupthink toward immigrants?
Presented by: Jingtong Huang, Wesley Cheung, and Jessica Chang
Mentor: Shani Robins

ASMR Videos: A YouTube Fad? Exploring the Relationship between ASMR, relaxation, and brain behavior
Presented by: Stephanie Lim, Leticia Matsubara de Morais, Maria Reyes Fabregat, and Joyce Hu
Mentor: Gillian Schultz

Blackbird: A Low-Cost, High-performance Bipedal Robot
Presented by: Gabrael Levine
Mentor: Frank Cascarano

CBD Efficacy on Canine Epilepsy and Anxiety
Presented by: Isabella Min
Mentor: Lisa Eshman

Climatocide in the Anthropocene: The Heuristics of Our Planetary Self-Immolation
Presented by: Helton Suzuki
Mentor: Scott Lankford & Brian Evans

Do I Belong Here
Presented by: Matthew Bodo
Mentor: Eta Lin

I'm So Stressed Out
Presented by: Pavini Sethi
Mentor: Eta Lin

Improving CPR through enhanced training: a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and improving oxygenation during CPR training
Presented by: Arthur Raymond
Mentor: Scott Lankford

Liquid Utopia: Kim Stanley Robinson, Marx, and Life after Climate Change
Presented by: Luis Lechuga-Espadas
Mentor: Scott Lankford

Morality 2.0: How Science Can Prompt Us to Reconsider our Moral Values
Presented by: Hooman Afzalzadeh and Sepp Farazi
Mentor: Ben Stefonik

Predicting Individual Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes to Determine Auxiliary Support Needs: A Computational Approach
Presented by: Russell Yang
Mentor: Rula Khayrallah

The Peripheral of Foreign Diplomacy: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back in Azerbaijan’s Turbulent History Under Russian Dominance
Presented by: Liza Mamedov-Turchinsky
Mentor: Joseph Woolcock


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