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Transfer Partners

Honors Scholars (3.3 GPA and completed 23 units of honors courses) may qualify for the following transfer privileges.

Consult the transfer college or Honors Institute for specific requirements and deadlines.

Note: These agreements are subject to change 

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California State University, East Bay

  • Admissions Agreement: GUARANTEED ADMISSION for students who meet entrance requirements. Honors Scholars also guaranteed admission to the CSUEB Honors Program.
  • Scholarships/ Financial Aid: Honors Scholar admits will receive a textbook stipend.
  • Other: The CSUEB Honors Program sponsors cultural events which Honors Students are welcome to attend. Additionally, if Honors Students participate in the concurrent enrollment program with CSUEB they may receive honors credit for this work.

California State University, Stanislaus

  • Admission Agreement: CSU Stanislaus will offer five scholarships to entering students who meet our eligibility requirements and have completed four Honors courses in an HTCC Honors Program (of which Foothill College is a member) with a grade of B+ or better.
  • Scholarships/ Financial Aid: The scholarship offer is contingent on enrollment in the University Honors Program. We will offer five President's Academic Achievement Awards in the amount of $2000 per year (renewable once) to students who meet these eligibility requirements and submit a completed application for admission to the program by March 2nd. The GPA requirement for this scholarship is 3.5, with a minimum of 45 transferable units (not including AP, CLEP, military, or other non-credit awards). Students must submit a separate scholarship application to the Financial Aid office by March 2nd, and must be a California resident. Scholarship applications can be accessed from the campus website and Honors applications and information about our program are available on the Honors Program website

Chapman University

  • Admission Agreement: GUARANTEED ADMISSION if student is IGETC or CSU certified with 3.3+ GPA.
  • Scholarships/ Financial Aid: Students with 3.3-3.49 GPA guaranteed a $5000 annual scholarship. Students with a 3.5+ GPA guaranteed a $8500 annual scholarship.
  • Other: Chapman has its own honors program; honors transfer students have traditionally been allowed to join as juniors. Chapman has just built a brand new $30 million business school. Other specialties include film, nutrition and physical therapy.

Pacific University

  • Admission Agreement: Honors Scholars are essentially guaranteed admission, since normally anyone with a 2.7 or higher is admitted.
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid: Pacific guarantees Honors Scholars with a 3.5+ an automatically renewable $7500 scholarship in addition to whatever financial aid they qualify for.
  • Other: Pacific University has 6 profession programs which rank nationally: Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Optometry, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Education and Physician's Assistant. Their undergraduate biological sciences program is also excellent.


Pitzer College

  • Admission Agreement: PRIORITY ADMISSION for Honors Scholars
  • Scholarships/ Financial Aid: Pitzer guarantees to provide 100% of the student's demonstrated financial need.
  • Other: Pitzer has a "New Resources Program" designed specially for transfer students who are 25 years and older. These students are allowed to attend Pitzer part time, yet still receive financial aid. Pitzer promises to cover 100% of the resource student's demonstrated financial need for tuition and personal expenses, but not living expenses for the student's family if he/she has one.


St. Mary's College

  • Admission: Honors students who meet the St. Mary's entrance requirements are GUARANTEED ADMISSION.
  • Scholarships: Honors students with a 3.5+ GPA are guaranteed a $6000 annual renewable scholarship above and beyond financial aid.
  • Other Privileges: All LMC Honors Students are eligible to use the St. Mary's library facilities

San Diego State University

  • Admission: Honors Scholars receive PRIORITY acceptance to the SDSU Honors Program.
  • Other: Students can transfer up to 18 units of their community college honors credits towards SDSU's required 24 units of honors courses. (Honors courses only, not contract units!). Additionally, honors students will receive "Priority early registration".

San Francisco State University

  • Admission: GUARANTEED ADMISSION to qualified applicants.
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid: One $500 scholarship will be awarded to an honors community college transfer student from Northern California each year.
  • Other: SF State has a designated Honors Transfer Liaison who provides personal assistance to honors students in the admission and transfer process.

UC, Irvine: Community College Honors Transfer Program

  • Admission: Honors Scholars have PRIORITY ADMISSION status.
  • Other: Honors Scholars with a 3.5+ GPA will be considered for entrance into the UCI Campuswide Honors Program. They also host a special spring program for honors transfer students. Honors students are guaranteed housing. n UC application under "Transfer Admissions Programs", enter the code for UCI Honors Transfer Program, and under "Release Authorization" check "college counselor"


  • Admission: Honors Scholars are given priority consideration for admission to the College of Letters and Science. International students and applicants for impacted majors are not guaranteed priority admission consideration, but may be admitted to a second major if prerequisites have been met. Guaranteed acceptance to UCLA Honors Program - merit and need-based scholarships.
  •  In 2018,  84% of Foothill's honors applicants have been admitted as compared to only 16% of non-honors transfer applicants. Typically, honors students who were denied either applied in impacted majors such as economics, film, theatre or business or majors not in the College of Letters and Sciences, or hadn't completed their major requirements.
  • Scholarships/ Financial Aid: UCLA offers 27 $8000 scholarships if eligible for financial aid, and the $4000 annual Wasserman Scholarships for which only honors transfer students can compete. In 2003, 26 such scholarships were awarded.
  • Other: UCLA hosts special honors orientation days for honors students and maintains very close contact with the Honors directors and counselors about each student's admissions status.

Whitman College (Walla Walla, Washington)

  • Admission: Honors Scholars receive PRIORITY admission status
  • Scholarships: Whitman has a scholarship program exclusive to students in honors programs of the Honors Transfer Council of California. They will annually offer up to 10 achievement scholarships of $8,000 per academic year, for a total of $20,000 for five semesters to admitted Honors Scholars with a 3.5+ GPA.
  • Deadlines: Prospective students must apply to the Office of Admissions by February 1st for consideration of admission and scholarships the following fall semester.

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