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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

2023 Award Recipients

The 2023 Research and Service Leadership Symposium is proud to recognize the 150+ participants who presented their research, service, and creative arts projects this year. 

We would like to give special acknowledgment to a number of stand-out individuals and groups who were selected by RSLS judges and Symposium  attendees

  • 6 Judges' Award recipients
  • 5 Viewers' Choice Award recipients.
  • 18 Judges' Special Recognition for finalists

Congratulations from Allison, Mike, The RSLS Team & The FHDA Community

Judges' Award Recipients

Among the many stellar projects, there were 5 deserving of the Judges' Award due to their diligence in project development, excellence in presentation materials and delivery, and significance in the scope and impact (current or potential) of their project.

Judges' Award for Excellence in Research

  • Krizza Shae Millare for “Investigate the Optimal Number of Focused Ultrasound Stimulation to Increase the Release of Extracellular Vesicles From Stem Cells”
  • Wakana Matsumoto for “Is Being an Introvert a Disadvantage to Well-Being?: The Challenges Introverts Can Face and Solutions for Self-Acceptance”

Judges' Award for Excellence in Service

  • Michelle Nguyen, Noelia Guzman, Seymour Keola Asing, & David Kim for “2023 Foothill Teacher Corps ”
  • Megan Nim for “Inspiring Prospective Nurses: A Guide to Transferring to UC/CSU Nursing Schools as a Community College Student”

Judges' Award for Excellence in Creative Art

  • Catherine Stewart for "The Monster Society Made: A Creative Exploration Into The History And Representation Of Queer Society"”
  • Jharna Sutaria for "it hurts to breathe: a political & personal novella"


Viewers' Choice Award

You spoke and we listened! Attendees of the 2022 RSLS had the opportunity to vote for the Viewers' Choice Award. Of the many projects that viewers' identified as having an impact on them, 5 projects stood out, receiving the most votes throughout the day. 

Your votes were tallied . . . Here are the top 5!

The audience nominations go to  . . .

  • Seymour Keola Asing for “Forced Sterilization and the Legacy of Racism in Reproductive Healthcare” 
  • Oscar Anderson for “How Fungi can Slow Climate Change: Impact of Mycorrhizae on Terrestrial Carbon Sinks Under Elevated CO2 Levels” 
  • Nishi Goyal for “Improving Mental Health for Youth Through Collaborative Art and Community Building”
  • Angelina Rosh, Lise Desveaux & Danny Cox for “The Personalized Accessible College Tutors Project”
  • Ashley Huerta, Megan Cheng, and Angelina Ryabechenkova for “Project Plant Buddy - Exploring the Impact of Plants on College Students' Mental Health”

Special Recognition

Special Recognition for Judges' Award Finalists!

Before viewing the presentations, we selected 18 finalists for consideration based on their submitted materials. The decision was difficult due to the considerable value of each project:

  • Women In STEM's Child Care Project presented by Alisha Sinha
  • The Physics Show: Foothill College’s educational outreach project presented by Nitya Kashyap
  • Researching the best metrics to build a science identity to recruit more first-gen/low-income students to pursue careers in science presented by Gabriela Cruz Sanchez and Esmeralda
  • Does CPAP improve mood in obstructive sleep apnea? Investigating PAP-treated Apnea-Hypopnea Index versus subjective mood using a bipolar mood scale presented by Danny
  • Crocheting Toward Compassionate Care: A Creative Approach to Recognizing and Removing Bias from the Medical System presented by Anuka Dhir
  • Variable Star Simulation for Astro-Education presented by Jayden Ramirez
  • Using Anatomy to Observe Water Retention in Ceanothus plants on the Foothill Campus presented by Ethan Simeon, Cameron Lau, Yin Xiang, Ayaka Sonehara, and Gina Hua
  • Mental Health Outcome Prediction among Youth: Comparing the Accuracy of Logistic Regression and Neural Network Models presented by Avi Verma
  • Public health approach in preventing dental decay for low- income children presented by Gia Hoang, Natalie Dinh, Virginia Ramirez, Truc Nguyen, and Ngoc Nguyen
  • Project Welcome Home Troops presented by Remona Lee Farrow
  • Impact of Mycorrhizae on Terrestrial Carbon Sinks Under Elevated CO2 Levels: How Fungi can Slow Climate Change presented by Oscar Anderson
  • Post-Mortem Computed Tomography: A Comparison with Conventional Autopsy presented by Hillary Truong, Rachel Ireland, and Jovani Franco
  • Demographic analysis of contraception deserts among California counties presented by Katherine Chuprakov
  • Examining STEAM Education: Its Role in Repairing the Persistent Gender Divide in STEM presented by Nicole Nguyen, Lucia Chen, Jonathan Nguyen, and Allison Dayton
  • From the Blocks to the Charts: Tracing the Evolution of Hip Hop, Mainstream Messages, and Role in Advocating Social Justice through Music presented by Rohan Panchal
  • The impacts of climate change on children's cognitive development and education, emotional wellbeing, and physical development presented by Katherine Stein
  • Forced Sterilization and the Legacy of Racism in Reproductive Healthcare presented by Seymour Keola Asing
  • Analyzing the predictive power of kinematics factors in predicting force and conditions of head impacts presented by Daisy Fragoso

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