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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

RSLS Spring Workshops

Participants: Get Prepared! 

If you have a project that has been accepted to the Research and Service Leadership Symposium, you are now ready to begin the preparation for the big event. 

Presentation Guidelines

One important step is to prepare your presentation. The second important step is to prepare for the day. Please use the following documents as a starting point. Then, attend our spring workshop series for the additional guidance you may need. 

Workshop Sequence

The workshops below are designed in a sequence, guiding you through the process of  crafting and submitting your personal bio and project updates,  providing you tools for presentation development, and ending with the final practice run of your presentation. The last of these workshops is required, but you may find all of them valuable. 

All Workshops at the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

All of the spring workshops will be hosted in the Foothill LRC. You can join directly through the LRC Zoom Room.  If you have questions or difficulties entering, contact Allison Herman or the LRC Director, Katherine Lee:

Optional AND Required Workshops 


The first workshops are optional, but everyone must attend one of the Presentation Prep* workshops the week before the event. If your schedule does not allow, please reach out  to Allison Herman at or Mike McCusker at for an alternative session for you or your team. 

Spring 2021 Workshop Schedule


Preparing Your Program Description & Bio

Get tips on describing your project and yourself  for the official event program.

Can't Attend? View the Slides

Wed, Apr 21 @ 12-1 [PST]

Wed, Apr 21 @ 1-2 [PST]

Thurs, Apr 22 @ 12-1 [PST]

Thurs, Apr 22 @ 12-1 [PST]

Presentation Tools I: Slide Design

Explore Effective Slide Design in Google Slides, Canva, & Prezi

Can't attend? View the Slides and review the Presentation Guidelines

Wed, Apr 28 @ 12-1 [PST]

Wed, Apr 28 @ 1-2 [PST]


Presentation Tools II: Video & Captioning

Learn how to use Studio in Canvas to record and caption your presentation.

Can't attend? Review the Presentation Guidelines

Thurs, Apr 29 @ 12-1 [PST]

Thurs, Apr 29 @ 12-1 [PST]

 FINAL Presentation Prep*

During this required workshop, practice your presentation before the big event and get tips on your final slides, videos, and/or performance.

Attendance is REQUIRED.* Choose ONE of the scheduled times or reach out for an alternate time.

Want to revisit the materials? View the Slides and review the Presentation Guidelines and Checklist for RSLS Presenters

Wed, May 12 @ 1-2 [PST]

Thurs, May 13 @ 12-1 [PST]

Thurs, May 13 @ 1-2 [PST]

Fri, May 14 @ 4-5 [PST]

Submit Final Presentation Materials For Judges' Review MON, May 17th by 11:59pm

THURSDAY, MAY 20TH from 10-6

Opening ceremony begins at 9:30am.

Closing ceremony begins at 7pm and ends at 8pm.

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Please contact us!

Allison Herman & Michael McCusker, RSL Symposium Coordinators