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Service Leadership

Contact Tracing Corps

Contact tracers—whether part of a paid workforce or a community of volunteersuse clear protocols to notify, interview and advise close contacts to patients with confirmed or probable highly infectious disease.

Foothill College has launched a free Contact Tracing and Case Investigation course to help meet the demand for trained contact tracers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the trajectory of COVID-19 both in California and nationally, we want to ensure ongoing support for trained contact tracers and recruitment of new students into this program.

About our Contact Tracing Corps

The CTC, headed by instructor Dr. Rebecca Ryan, is a service leadership group of dedicated volunteers who will train and actively work 1–2 days per week as contact tracers, earning paid stipends.

Meet our CTC team volunteers!

How to Apply

We encourage all interested students and community members to apply.

  1. First, please review our Frequently Ask Questions below.
  2. Then, complete the CTC application form as soon as possible to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the CTC?

Students who are enrolled at Foothill College AND will continue to be enrolled at Foothill College for the next one to two quarters.

What are the time commitments?

Santa Clara County requires a three-month commitment from volunteers. Aside from volunteering 1–2 days per week as a contact tracer, Corps members are expected to support their fellow Corps members when mentorship is needed. There may also be opportunities for leadership positions within the Corps.

I've never been a contact tracer. Will I be trained?

Yes! Students will train through ASTHO's self-guided training first, then through interactive video and training sessions with CTC's active training corps in which you will learn how to conduct interviews and have live practice sessions. Finally, to learn Santa Clara County's database system, a MANDATORY 1-day training (either a Tuesday or Thursday 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m.) training will take place. This is non-negotiable.

When would I start with the CTC?

Soon! We're taking applications and onboarding students right now! However, there are no time limits and the CTC welcomes student volunteers as long as spots are available. Training does take a sizable time commitment so making sure it fits within your schedule is vital.

How are stipends earned?

Volunteers who are concurrently Foothill College students are eligible for a $1,500 stipend. Foothill College is aiming to fill 10 stipend-paid positions for students. Students will earn a $1,500 stipend after 100 hours have been confirmed. The stipend is non-repeatable. Students are expected to finish their volunteer commitment with Santa Clara County even after their stipend is paid.

How do I apply for the CTC? 

  1. Fill out out the CTC application here.
  2. Interviews will follow.

CTC Contact

For more information, email Rebecca Ryan at



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