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Student Services

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

By keeping equity at the center of our work, we are motivated to provide our students with the highest caliber service possible through a lens of inclusion and compassion. We are a recognized leader in supporting student success by providing high quality, timely, and clear communication to our students.

Our Mission

We provide student support services that promote the development of the whole student from entry to progress to completion. We are committed to providing streamlined services that remove barriers for students of all abilities and ages with a special focus on students of color, nontraditional students, and those who are first in their family to go to college.

Our Values


We practice empathy, respect, professionalism, kindness, and forgiveness in serving our students and with each other.


We aim to do our best, always, and are driven to achieve excellence by valuing accountability, teamwork, and serving our students honorably.*


We provide consistent, timely, and clear information to our students, and we ensure follow-through with actionable steps.


We validate the assets that our students arrive with and encourage them to apply them towards their own self-sufficiency.


We speak with integrity with each other and with our students. We practice direct communication and active listening to ease misunderstandings.*


We work in partnership with and across departments to serve students and all members of the campus community by applying best practices, encouraging cross-training, and engaging in effective problem-solving.

Cultural Competency

We engage and communicate across abilities and cultures to foster an environment of inclusion. We acknowledge our own implicit biases and are sensitive to disproportionately impacted groups.


We are transparent with our data, hold ourselves accountable, and alter our course of action through a comprehensive continuous improvement process.

*Inspired by the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz



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Black Lives Student Services Services Statement

In Student Services, we acknowledge our role in not serving our Black students adequately. Please read full statement of our commitment to alter our course of action with a quarterly updated public plan. 

Black Lives Matter Action Plan April 2022 Updates