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Heritage & Health Series Program

The Light Amidst the Darkness Jewish Heritage Month

January 2024 JHM Events

Wednesday,  Jan. 10

Jewish Heritage Month Opening Ceremony

Noon–1 p.m. in Dining Hall

Join us for our first college hour of the quarter to celebrate the opening ceremony for Jewish Heritage Month. Enjoy music and food with your Foothill community! 

Tuesday,  Jan. 16

Artist Talk with Photographer Mark Tuschman

Noon–1 p.m.  Watch YouTube Recording

Meet Mark TuschmanMark Tuschman has worked as an international freelance photographer for more than 34 years. As a photographer committed to issues of global health and development, he was privileged to receive the Photographer of the Year award from the Global Health Council in 2009-2010.

Read more below and visit to view his photography.


Read more about Tuschman's work

Faces of Courage: Intimate Portraits of Women on the Edge was published in 2015 and documented the lack of autonomy that women and girls face in the developing world and all the efforts designed to empower them. Faces of Courage was recognized as one of the Best Photographic Books of the Year by American Photographer.

In 2018, Mark started another extended project documenting the contributions immigrants make to America.  Together We Rise: Immigrants in America will be published in 2024.

Over the years, Mark has become more motivated to use his photography to communicate in a more socially conscious way, a way that exposes people to both the degree of human suffering that exists in today’s world and to the courage and fortitude that people manifest to overcome it.

Thursday,  Jan. 18

Workshop: Story of Masada & Wonders of the Dead Sea

Noon–1 p.m. in Dining Hall

Join us for a special workshop on the history of Masada, featuring salts from the Dead Sea and essential oils. Pizza will be served, too!


Thursday,  Jan. 25

Holocaust Memorial Day

Noon–1:30 p.m. in Appreciation Hall

Please join us for a Holocaust survivor talk, including a tree planting ceremony. Food will be provided.

In Jewish tradition, we plant a tree to remember those who are lost and to carry them into the future. As we begin the new year, we will remember all who were lost in the past year and plant a seed for a good year ahead. Traditionally we plant a fruit tree.

Today we'll provide seeds and soil to start a smaller lemon or orange tree that you can take with you.

Friday,  Jan. 26

Tu B'shvat Shabbat Dinner — with the Hillel Community

6–8 p.m. in Dining Hall

Join us for a meal of challa, mashed potatoes, chicken, salad, and dried fruit, along with music and guest speaker.

Tuesday,  Jan. 30

l'dor vador
Mental Health Virtual Talk

Noon–1 p.m. By Zoom
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Join tbh coach and therapist Matthew for an hour of healing and reflection. In Jewish culture, your elders, community, and traditions from generation to generation are key pillars.

You may have heard the saying l'dor vador or "from generation to generation." In this session, we'll explore the meaning of  l'dor vador and more. In this immersive hour, you'll learn about Jewish culture and the importance of history and kibud zekaynim "Honoring Your Elders." You'll also explore the intersection of how your roots impact who you are today. How what's been passed down to you has impacted your life for good and bad.

Exploring your past, your community, and your ancestors can unlock healing, understanding, and connections. While this event is grounded in Jewish culture, everyone has a past, everyone has traditions passed down, and all are welcome.

Come join tbh for an hour of learning, reflection, and a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and ourselves.

Learn more about tbh at  

Wednesday,  Jan. 31

JHM Closing Ceremony

Noon–1 p.m. in Dining Hall

More details to follow.

Questions? Please contact Victoria Strelnikova at

JHM Planning Committee Members

Thank you to all our students, faculty and staff who helped plan our JHM events this month.

  • Amit Freikorn, Committee Chair 
  • David Blecherman
  • Jonah Copeland
  • Rafi Gershater
  • Itai Salomon
  • Shahana Shaik
  • Zara Ainge
  • Laura Wigod
  • Victoria Strelnikova, Advisor  
  • Zohar Zanescu, with Hillel of Silicon Valley 
  • Max Sunberg, with Hillel of Silicon Valley
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All events are free admission and sponsored by the ASFC OwlCard Student ID
and are part of the Heritage & Health Series Service Leadership Program.

Co-sponsored by Foothill Jewish Student Union and Hillel of Silicon Valley.