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Foothill has many great classes available for fall quarter across all departments. Check out some of these options below. We’ve highlighted a few classes and programs, but view the searchable class schedule for a full list.

Adding a Class After School Starts

Attend the first meeting of the class to get an Add Code from the instructor if there is space in the class.

  • For your best chances of getting into a class, view Open Courses.
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ACTG 1A Financial Accounting 1

This class covers how investors and creditors use accounting make crucial business decisions. Interested in how venture capital works? This course is for you. Offered evenings and online. View available ACTG 1A sections

ACTG 66 Cost Accounting

How can you reduce and eliminate costs in business? This course will teach you! Offered online and preps you for the CPA exam. View available ATCG 66 sections

ACTG 67 Tax Accounting

Ins and outs of federal and California tax laws, including tax planning and form prep. Evenings and online available. View available ACTG 67 sections

ANTH 2A Cultural Anthropology 

Did you know many tech companies also hire anthropologists? Understanding cultures and behavior is essential to many top Silicon Valley companies. Get your foot in the door with this fascinating intro class. Offered online and in person.  View available ANTH 2A sections

ANTH 4 First Peoples of North America 

Explore the history and culture of Native American societies and the contemporary issues facing these communities.  View available ANTH 4 sections

ART 4A Fundamentals in Drawing

Think you can’t draw? Think again! This beginner-level class will teach you all about form, light and composition. View available ART 4A sections

ART 45B Beginning Ceramics Potter’s Wheel

Learn to throw on the wheel and make your own pottery! We’ll teach you the techniques and tools you need to start creating with clay. View available ART 45B sections

ASTR 10B General Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, Cosmology

Still got eclipse fever? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the stars. Our astronomy classes will teach you everything you need to know about our solar system. Plus it’s offered in the evenings! View available ASTR 10B sections

BIOL 14 Human Biology

How well do you know your body? Find out about how our organs function, how we interact with our environment and how biology makes a case for human equality. Satisfies GE requirements. Evening option available. View available BIOL 14 sections

BUSI 18 Business Law I

Intro to state and federal law, contracts and tort negligence. View available BUSI 18 sections

Computer Science

Whether you want to learn to code or just beef up your network security creds, we have a class for you. Many online and evening options available. View available Computer Science sections

CRWR 41A Poetry Writing

Our students asked and we aim to please,
So we added a class, easy as cheese. 
Poetry Writing is being offered online this fall,
So register today, please do not stall.

View available CRWR 41A section

DANC 4A Beginning Ballroom & Social Dance

Grab a partner and put on your dancing shoes. This class covers swing, the cha-cha, waltz and tango. View available DANC 4A sections

GID 53B Intermediate T-Shirt Design & Garment Printing

T-shirt making can be more than tie-dye. Learn all about digital image making and screenprinting and develop your own visual style.  View available GID 53B sections

Physical Education

Get fit this fall with a 1-unit PE class! Lots of options are available for every fitness level. We have pickleball, Tai Chi, swimming, high-intensity training and much more. View available PE sections

PSYC 39 Psychology of Sports

This online class is taught by Katrina Gerry, an Olympic swimmer and cast member on the upcoming season of Survivor! Topics include goal setting, motivation, commitment and confidence. View available PSYC 39 sections

THTR 2F The History of American Musical Theatre

Do you enjoy the theatre? You'll love this class that traces theatre from its 20th century roots to today's smash hits like Hamilton. Offered online this class satisfies GE requirements and is UC and CSU transferable View available THTR 2F sections

Community Education Classes

Did you know you can sign up for a pool or gym membership at Foothill? Our Community Education Department also offers non-credit classes in aqua fitness, DJ'ing and more. For details, visit the Community Education page

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