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Foothill has many great classes available for spring quarter across all departments. Check out some of these options below.

We’ve highlighted a few classes and programs, but view the searchable class schedule for a full list.

PHOT 4A Photoshop for Photographers

Looking to enhance your photos? Learn about all the creative possibilities Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom offers to make your photos stand out. View available PHOT 4A sections

PHED 46 Personal Training

Make your own workout program and become your own personal trainer. This course teaches you to develop and implment personal workouts designed to meet your goals no matter your fitness level.  View available PHED 46 sections

PHED 47B Thighs, Abs and Glutes

Tone and strengthen your thighs, abdominals and gluteus muscles with fun and energizing workouts. Learn how to properly use fitness equipment and create an exercise routine that meets your needs. View available PHED 47B sections

PHED 47C High Intensity Training 

Get a total body workout designed to strengthen and define every muscle using high intensity interval training.  View available PHED 47C sections

PHED 10A & 10 B Lap Swimming, PHED 11A Water Exercise 

These afternoons classes are perfect for anyone looking for a safe and enjoyable way to improve their fitness level. Exercise in an aquatic setting is beneficial for anyone who has arthritis, back conditions, joint problems or any other medical condition. View available Lap Swimming and Water Exercise sections

PHED 27 Walking for Health, PHED 27A Running for Health 

Improve your endurance and get your steps in by taking a walking and running class. These early afternoon classes will show you the benefits from walking and running.  View available Walking and Running sections

 ENGL 50C Technical Writing

Looking for a career in writing? Technical writing is a beneficial skill set employers are seeking. Take the online class this quarter.  View available ENGL 50C sections 

ENGL 16 Introduction to Literature

Bibliophiles will love this class! Read and analyze a range of genres, including poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction.  View available ENGL 16 sections

Spanish Courses 

Learn the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. These courses will teach you how to read, write and converse in Spanish. Knowing Spanish can serve you in a variety ways, from travel to business.  View available Spanish sections

Emergency Medical Services Courses

Interested in saving lives? Foothill's Emergency Medical Services program offers training to prepare future emergency medical responders, technicians and paramedics. View available EMS sections

Community Education Classes

Did you know you can sign up for a pool or gym membership at Foothill? Our Community Education Department also offers non-credit classes in aqua fitness, DJ'ing and more! For details, visit the Community Education page

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