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Fall 2018 Open Courses for Consideration

Foothill has many great classes available for fall quarter across all departments.

Featured Deparment

Explore your theatrical side! We have open classes in History of MusIcal Theatre, Intro to Directing,  Multiculticultural Theatre Arts in Modern America, and more. 



ACTG 1A Financial Accounting I

  • MW 1-2:50 p.m. 
  • Learn how to how investors and creditors make financial decisions. In this 5-unit class, students learn about the accounting information system, ethics and principles of accounting, cash flow and much more. 
  • See schedule listing CRN 20545


ANTH 1  Introduction to Physical Anthropology

  • Reconstruct human lineage with the use of fossil records and scientific investigations in this 4-unit available online and in-person. You’ll study the genetic development and evolution of humans.

ANTH 2B Patterns of Culture

  • MW 1–2:50 p.m.
  • Take an in-depth look at diverse cultures and societies, and plan and conduct your own ethnographic field work.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22114


BUSI 11 02Y Introduction to Information Systems

  • (Hybrid) Instructor Laurence Lew, MW 10 a.m.-11:50 a.m.
  • This 5-unit hybrid class will teaches you the importance of information and how computers are used in business to provide information, store data and communicate. Students will also learn about various computer programs and software used in businesses and similar organizations.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20980

BUSI 95 01Y  Entrepreneurship-The Business Plan

  • (Hybrid)  T 6-7:50 p.m. Instructor Bennett Dubin,
  • Looking to start your own business? Take BUS 95 to what goes into constructing a business plan, a critical component to creating and running a business.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20996

BUSI 91L 01W, Introduction to Business Information Systems

  • (Online) Instructor Waleed Nasr
  • Get hands-on experience in this 4-unit class learning how to use word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database and communication software commonly used within a business.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20585

Child Development

CHLD 1 Growth and Development

  • TTh 8-9:50 a.m. Instructor Maria Dominguez
  • Get an introduction to the major physical, psychological and cognitive/language development milestones of children from conception through early childhood. You’ll also learn what is typical and atypical child development.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20357

Creative Writing

CRWR Introduction to Creative Writing

  • TTh 1:30-3:45 p.m. Insructor Eric Treanor
  • Pen the next great literary piece! Hone your poetry and short fiction writing skills by reading your peers’ work, responding to other written student work and published authors.  
  • See schedule listing CRN 22158


ENGL 43A Survey of British Literature 1: Beowulf to the Late 18th Century

  • MW 8–9:50 a.m. and F 8–8:50 a.m., Instructor  Bryan Hoffer
  • Dive into some of the most influential English literary works in history. In this class you'll explore some of the earliest English texts written in the Middle English, Early Modern  and Neoclassicism periods. 
  • See schedule listing CRN 22154

Geospatial Technology

GIST 11 Introduction to Mapping & Spatial Reasoning

(Online) Insructor Garrett Dunwoody

  • Want to learn how mapping apps work? Learn the basics of geospatial technology, including geographic information systems (GIS) and cartography.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22014

GIST 12 Introduction to Geospatial Technology

  • (Fully Online)  See schedule listing CRN 22016
  • (Hybrid) T 6–8:40 p.m. See schedule listing CRN 22135. Requires some face-to-face meetings.
  • Instructor Karen Meezan teach both classes.
  • Geospatial technology is a fast-growing industry. This intro class covers the basics of geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing and data management.


HUMN 1 The Ancient World

  • MW 10-11:50 a.m. Instructor Mona Rawal
  • Explore the history of the ancient world in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Japan, Greece and Rome from art and war to values and leadership.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20953

HUMN 5 The Modern World

  • MW 12:00-1:50 p.m. Instructor Natalie Latteri
  • Learn about the Renaissance, Age of Encounters, the Enlightenment period, the Romantic period, Industrial Revolution and the dark legacy of Colonialism in this 4-unit class.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22000


KINS 81 Introduction to Adaptive Fitness

  • (Fully Online)  See schedule listing CRN 22422
  • TTH 12:00-1:50 p.m. See schedule listing CRN 20857
  • Instructor Don Mac Neil teaches both classes.
  • Are you interested in becoming a certified Personal Trainer? This course prepares you to work with disabled or older clients. You'll learn about the fundamentals of adaptive fitness and develop your skill set so that you can design customized adaptive exercise programs.


MATH 180 Quantitative Reasoning

  • MW 10–11:50 a.m. and TTh 10–11:15 a.m. (Meets Monday through Thursday)
  • Learn to apply math to your personal, professional and academic lives! You'll grow your knowledge of personal finance, communication and critical thinking.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22273 or 22274


PHIL 4 Intro to Philosophy

  • TTH 8-9:50 a.m. Instructor Brian Tapia
  • Thinking about existence, knowledge, and reasoning? You’re thinking about philosophy and you may not have even noticed. Learn about the major historical figures and topics of philosophy in this 4-unit class.
  • See schedule listing CRN 20173

PHIL 8  Ethics

  • (Hybrid) MW 10-11:50 a.m. Instructor David Hoekenga
  • In this 5-unit hybrid ethics class, you’ll analyze both conception of “good” and “bad.”
  • See schedule listing CRN 21188

Physical Education

Take a PE Activity Class at Foothill

Political Science

POLI 1 Intro to American Government

  • (Hybrid) MW 1-2:50 p.m. Instructor Kerri Ryer
  • Learn the ins and outs of the American government and analyze its structure from its creation to today in this 5-unit class.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22099


PSYC 1 General Psychology

  • (Online) Instructor Sara Strader — Newly Added Section
  •  Explore major perspectives, concepts, and theories in psychology and the factors that influence human behavior in this 5-unit course.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22539


SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology

  • (Online) Instructor Jacqueline Logg
  • Interested in society, its constructs and institutions? Take this online class and explore the study of human society.
  • See schedule listing CRN 21784 or 22427.


Start learning Spanish or go to the next level. We have a variety of elementary, intermediate and advanced classes to choose from this fall.

  • SPAN 1 Elementary Spanish I
  • SPAN 2 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 4 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 5 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 6 Intermediate Spanish III
  • SPAN 25A Advanced Composition & Reading I
  • SPAN 25B Advanced Composition & Reading II

See our open courses listing.

Theatre Arts

THTR 2F History of American Musical Theatre

  • (Online) Instructor Milissa Carey
  • Did you love Hamilton? West Side Story? If so, this UC/CSU transferable and Foothill GE class is for you. The class covers the roots of the musical theatre genre through to contemporary themes and shows. You will study key composers, lyricists, performers, and directors, with an emphasis on how the American musical has always mirrored contemporary social and political events.
  • See schedule listing CRN 22054

THTR 7 Introducation to Directing

THTR 8 Multi-Cultural Theatre Arts in Modern America

Community Education Classes

Did you know you can sign up for a pool or gym membership at Foothill? Our Community Education Department also offers non-credit classes in aqua fitness, DJ'ing and more! For details, visit the Community Education page.

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