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Editing Left Navigation Menu

The Foothill OU Campus interface DOES NOT include a button to edit the left navigation menu. However, it's easy to make edits!

You can also add subheadings to your left menu if the list of links becomes too long and you want to create categories for an easier user experience.

Steps to Open, Edit and Publish


Getting to to make a simple edit

  1. CLICK on  the Content Tab for Pages View.
  2. CLICK on  You'll see that your left nav content is a simple bullet list!
  3. Simply DELETE a link or CUT and PASTE to move it to a different place on the list.
  4. To CREATE A NEW MENU LINK, type the link text within the bullet list, highlight the text, and create a link using the Insert/Edit Link tool.

Adding a link when you create a new page

When creating a new page, if you choose "Yes" for "Add New Navigation Item," a link to the new page is automatically added to the The nav file still needs to be published, though!

The link will be placed on the bottom of the list. You can move it within the list if you want a different placement or edit the link name at any time.

IMPORTANT: Do not publish until you are ready for the new page to be viewed. You may want to delete the link until you are ready for it to be "live."

Adding a category subheading to your left menu

If your left navigation menu list becomes too long, it's recommended to create a subheading category. You may also consider creating a new subsection website that will have it's own left navigation menu.

  1. PLACE YOUR CURSOR at the end of the bulleted link where you want the subheading to be added.
  2. HIT RETURN for a new bullet and TYPE the Subheading Category in ALL CAPS. Keep the subheading short but descriptive.
  3. HIGHLIGHT the text.
  4. From the Styles menu in the toolbar, SELECT Left Nav Subheader.

Publishing and testing your edits

Once you are done making your changes, follow these steps to publish and test your changes.

  • SAVE and PUBLISH your changes.
  • OPEN A PAGE in a new window on your website to view and test links.

TROUBLSHOOTING TIP: If you need help deciding on whether to add a subheading to your left menu or create a new subsection on your website, please  email for advice!

OmniUpdate Support Resources

OU Campus Basic Training Video 

Quick Reference Guide (910 KB, 8 Pages)

The basic training video is general to the OU Campus interface and will be useful as an overview.

Please see training pages on the left menu for steps specific to the Foothill College OU Campus environment, specifically how to log In, image dimensions and more.

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