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Accessibility Checklist

  1. Alternative text for images, charts, and graphics
  2. Meaningful links
    • Text should describe where the link points, not be the URL
    • Underlines are reserved for links and not to emphasize text
    • Only link to external websites that are accessible (use WebAIM WAVE extension tool to check)
  3. Heading styles
    • Short topic descriptions
    • Must be sequential
    • Headings are like a page outline
  4. Table must have captions and headings
  5. Lists must be formatted (use the list icon in the editor to create lists, don't type in the number)
  6. Color
  7. Videos must be captioned and audios must have transcriptions
  8. Documents must be accessible
    • Run the Accessibility checker built into Word and PowerPoint (version 2016 or newer for Mac)
    • PDFs  must be tagged and should not be scanned images

Accessibility Quick Guide (pdf)

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