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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Club Chats with President Whalen

May 4, 2023

Thank you, Foothill College, for a wonderfully planned and thoughtfully delivered Welcome Month. Attending more than a dozen “meet and greets” has been a joyful learning exercise. I've gathered knowledge on where programs and services live, the people that power both, and a little bit about the passions and aspirations of those that have been here for decades or even just a few years.

Starting this month, I hope to continue learning through conversational Service Clubs. These temporary “clubs” are designed to deepen understanding. Moreover, they offer me a chance to return the favor of hospitality! Each club is organized by service years. Based on the number of years you've been employed at Foothill College, you will be invited to join me for refreshments and a guided and honest discussion about how Foothill College’s culture, climate, and service to students is shaped by your unique positionality and institutional history.

Employees within each category should be receiving a calendar invitation early next week. Each club will be offered an in-person and virtual option. 

Over 20 Year Club

Tuesday, May 16. 1:30—2:45 P.M.


Thursday, May 18. 12:45—2:00 P.M.

in person (Room 1901)

16 — 20 Year Club

Tuesday, May 23. 1:30 — 2:45 P.M.


Thursday, May 24. 1:30—2:45 P.M.

in-person (Room 1901)

11 — 15 Year Club

Monday, June 5. 2:00—3:15 P.M.

in person (Room 1901)

Thursday, June 7. 2:30—3:35 P.M.


5 — 10 Year Club

Tuesday, June 13. 1:00—2:15 P.M.


Wednesday, June 14. 1:30—2:45 P.M.

in-person (Room 1901)

Under 5 Year Club

Tuesday, June 20. 1:30—2:45 P.M.


Wednesday, June 21. 1:30—2:25 P.M.

in person (Room 1901)

If the dates for your service years do not work for your schedule, let Antoinette Chavez know and you can crash another club. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about navigating leadership transitions, our challenges and opportunities as a college, and what makes you proud to be an owl. 

May the 4th be with you,