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The Way of the Owl — Foothill College's Theory of Change

At Foothill, we practice The Way of the Owl to guide our goals and actions to meet and exceed the needs of our students.

Heart Forward Care, Ask What They Need, Remove Barriers, Exceed Expectations

Ask students what they need and where they get stuck.

When they apply, when they register, when they start and end a course, at service counter, on footpaths or determine need indirectly through staff knowledge or experience.

Provide systems that strive to meet that need or remove the barrier.

Connecting needs assessment during application, counseling sessions, in our syllabi, at times of service–continuously reflect on those needs and make agile changes as needed.

Exceed student expectations.

Aspire to go above and beyond what our students expect from Foothill College.

Wrap those systems in heart-forward care.

Campuswide commitment to inviting, loving, and caring behaviors that become a habit of mind and source of support for students.

Goals for 2023-2024

  • Integrated Strategic Planning, focused on systems for assessing student needs and longterm sustainability
  • Widespread retention efforts, focused on leveraging the classroom as a site of retention
  • Enrollment efforts, focused on the college-bound and working learners
  • Campus culture that has definition, energy, feels safe and welcoming, and embraces a core value of belonging, focused on a vibrant on-ground campus.
  • Build the capacity to pursue external funding for key initiatives, focused on the sustainability of Global Experiential Learning, SLI, RSLS, and ETI.

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