Campus Center Building

President's Office

President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Unauthorized Postings Found on Campus

May 25, 2023

Dear Campus Community, 

Early Monday morning, a few employees reached their worksites and found 11 X 17 posters— 3 pages total—attached to exterior doors and buildings.  The first two pages were an open, anonymous letter to me expressing displeasure over answers I provided about antiracism and allyship in my public forums. Text on subsequent pages criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. One page reproduced a placard that read “White Lives Matter” followed by a screed dated August 17, 2020.  All six posters were discovered before 8am and removed before any discernable student presence arrived on campus.

FHDA police were notified, collected the posters, and are investigating. We have no reason to believe a threat to campus safety exists. Yesterday, I learned that postings discovered around campus were being discussed. After talking with Chief Acosta, I am sharing the details. I recognize that these posters are unsettling. Those that have championed equity work and been the target of harassment may feel that more intensely.

I want to thank Chief Acosta and his team for his rapid response and continued assessment of the writings. I also want to thank Ron Herman, Mary Thomas, Antoinette Chavez, and Simon Pennington for recognizing that these postings do not follow our free speech policies and removing them. Working with Chief Acosta and the Chancellor, I will keep the campus appraised of any developments. If you see any more instances of postings of this kind, please call FHDA police so that they may document its placement.

Yours in service,