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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Welcome to Week 10!

June 12, 2023

Welcome to week 10! Here is the President’s 12345: a weekly message with a playful take on our unique address. Each week I’ll highlight 5 messages, initiatives and/or events where I hope we can partner–in thought, spirit, or location–to advance connection and community.

(1) Workgroup forming for Educational Master Plan.

The Strategic Vision for Equity, which has been functioning as the college’s primary strategic plan, will expire in 2025. I am working with the Institutional Research Office and the Mission Informed Planning Council to form an Educational Master Plan workgroup. Work will begin in Fall 2023 with the goal of plan Board approval by December 2024. The best way to prepare ourselves as a college for strategic planning is to look at where we are now. The 2024 Institutional Self Evaluation Report is in rough draft form and the workgroup is seeking content specific feedback. Please read areas relevant to your work or take a look at the introduction—it is chock full of information. Feedback due June 30th, 2023. 

(2) Chancellor Lambert and Budget Presentation.

Tonight, at the Board of Trustees meeting, Dr. Lee Lambert, current Chancellor of the Pima CCD and in-coming chancellor at Foothill- De Anza CCD, has his appointment up for approval. He will attend tonight’s meeting. Another reason to tune in or show up is the 2023-2024 tentative budget presentation. Budget Planning, while the end of the current interaction of Hold Harmless is on the horizon, requires us to supercharge our multi-year planning. ICYMI, see Chancellor Judy Miner’s recent communication, sent via email last Friday afternoon, for more context.

(3) Umoja and Harambee Celebration.

The end-of-the-year celebrations will fill your cup. And, this Thursday the Umoja Community, the Black Student Union and the Foothill College African American Network are hosting the Umoja and Harambee Rite of Passage Celebration on Thursday, June 15, from 6-7:30 p.m. It is sure to add to the filling of replenishment. This celebration will honor Foothill students of African Ancestry who are graduating, transferring, and/or receiving a certificate. Umoja scholars will also be recognized.

(4) Foothill New Works Film & Media Festival.

I’m not going to miss this Friday night event. I say this because I received a sneak peek on the high level of work from these students during my Fine Arts and Communication Welcome event. I’m sure this new group of students, guided by our excellent faculty and staff, will provide the perfect start to your long weekend. Join me on Friday in Appreciation Hall at 6 pm

(5) Fountains!

We are getting ready for graduation. As I write, a battalion of leaf blowers and weed whackers are in use by our dedicated grounds crew. Joel Cortez’s team has also been working to get all our beautiful fountains up and operating after COVID, a drought, and severe storms stilled their use. Two water features are on the move! After some electrical issues are resolved the fountain at the main entrance will provide a grand welcome.  

Yours in service,