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Foothill College 60th Anniversary

Changing Lives Through Service for 60 Years

Since the opening of our doors, Foothill College students, staff and faculty have dedicated themselves to leadership through service. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we also celebrate 60 service leadership projects organized by our own Foothill College Owls.



What is Service Leadership?

Service leadership allows our students to develop and hone their leadership skills through projects benefitting their fellow Owls and the greater community. Foothill’s #60for60 highlights projects shaping students into emotionally intelligent leaders and global citizens. These projects increase our students’ critical thinking and teamwork skills.

To commemorate our 60th anniversary, we're sharing service leadership projects led by students to better the lives of many.

Service Leadership Project Photos

#60for60 Service Leadership Projects

  1. Spring 2017 Design and creation of the Dreamers' Mural
  2. Summer 2017 Global Brigade club travels to Central America for sixth trip
  3. Summer 2017 Football Team distributes food and clothing to homeless
  4. Fall 2017 International Students volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank
  5. Fall 2017 Art Department creates chalk murals at Los Altos Fall Festival
  6. Fall 2017 We Care Club raises money for victims of Hurricane Harvey
  7. Fall 2017 We Care Club packs Thanksgiving meals for low-income families
  8. Fall 2017 Vet Tech Students collect donations for rescued NCal animals
  9. Fall 2017 Students learn about Service Leadership through lens of business
  10. Fall 2017 Students in SOSC 79 and CNSL 86 serve up support at shelter
  11. Fall 2017 Students volunteer with City of Los Altos as archivists and historians
  12. Fall 2017 ENGR 10 Students plan how to reduce water bottle waste on campus
  13. Fall 2017 Students revive the school newspaper, The Script
  14. Fall 2017 Photography Students Bring Pop-Up Portrait Studio to Cuba
  15. Fall 2017 Holiday Book Drive for Foster Youth — Sponsored by all Senates and Administrators districtwide
  16. Fall 2017 Jingle & Mingle Toys for Tots Drive — Foothill Repertory Dance Company
  17. Fall 2017 Secret Santa Gift Card Drive — Sponsored by students from SOSC 79 Intro to Community Engagement
  18. Fall 2017 Engineering students conduct parking study for sustainability
  19. Winter 2018 We for She Club joins the Women's March in San Jose
  20. Winter 2018 Astronomy students help the public view the lunar eclipse
  21. Winter 2018 Business Innovation Challenge — Students across campus presented their business ideas to local professionals
  22. Winter 2018 Foothill's Got Talent — Funds from this talent show will help pay for students to travel to the Philippines to build wells and compost piles 
  23. Winter 2018 Start Environmental Club to increase awareness of composting for community gardens/horticulture on campus
  24. Winter 2018 Volunteering for the Wildlife Center, raising awareness of wildfires and wildlife rehabilitation
  25. Winter 2018 Modular spacesuit design customizable for women
  26. Winter 2018 Anatomic Side Markers Research: Are these essential radiologic technology tools harmful to the community?
  27. Winter 2018 Understanding proper sanitation in the radiologic technology lab
  28. Winter 2018 Social media campaign to create greater awareness of services available for Foothill students
  29. Winter 2018 Art in Action — send out crafts materials to schools to make art accessible to many children
  30. Spring 2018 6th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Walk
  31. Spring 2018 Gun control walkout
  32. Spring 2018 Global Gala — Funds from tickets sales benefit scholarships for refugees
  33. Spring 2018 Project Doggybags — put up free doggy bag dispensers to reduce waste on children play areas
  34. Spring 2018 Cub Camp Project — Engagement of Cub Scout camp youth through STEM, sports and arts
  35. Spring 2018 Oral hygiene and Parkinson's Disease — educational presentation on oral health
  36. Spring 2018 Service learning with Sunday Friends, to break the cycle of poverty
  37. Spring 2018 Pacifica Beach Clean Up with We Care Club
  38. Spring 2018 Big Wave Project
  39. Spring 2018 Goat Structure for Vet Tech Department - Structure was designed by Vet Tech students and the help of the Horticulture Department for the animals of the department
  40. Spring 2018 How Climate Change in Bangladesh Affects Women and Girls by Foothill student Kareeda Kabir (featured in Teen Vogue)
  41. Ongoing Physics Show
  42. Ongoing Fund the Future Club provides microcredit to people in developing countries
  43. Ongoing Community Dental Health Outreach Program — Oral health education for developmentally delayed children and teens, older adults, and other populations
  44. Ongoing Geospatial Informational Systems Technology students intern with the VTA to address sustainability issues
  45. Ongoing Vet tech donation drives 
  46. Ongoing Dance class students dazzle local nursing homes with their dance moves 
  47. Ongoing Powerful Beyond Measure: working to develop strong female leaders by creating a cross-cultural experience between high school girls from the U.S. and Africa
  48. Ongoing Let's Play Math: Professor Young Hee and the Math Club make math fun for kids in the community.
  49. Ongoing Foothill Vet Tech Students Team up with San Jose Animal Care Center for Vets for Healthy Pets
  50. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Virtopsy: integrating forensic science with radiologic technology
  51. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Integrated research on overcoming test anxiety at Foothill
  52. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Anthropological work to lower ethnocentrism and increase cultural relativistic skills
  53. Research & Service Leadership Symposium How Foothill athletes experience racism
  54. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Islamophobia awareness and education
  55. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Smile for the CAM: Integrative Medicine as a Remedy for Eurocentrism in International Public Health Policy
  56. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Creating community interest in social sciences
  57. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Concrete Rose Collaborative: Helping community members affected by gentrification
  58. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Habitat Conservation Plan for Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation
  59. Research & Service Leadership Symposium Actions to make Foothill College plastic-free
  60. Research & Service Leadership Symposium What Types of People Do Science? Research and Service Learning to Challenge Stereotypes of Scientists in Class
  61. Summer 2018 KCI Saturday Maker's Space with Middle School Students
  62. Summer 2018 Enactus Club builds wells in the Philippines 

Why is this objective important?

The skills needed to succeed have become more focused on leadership, non-technical skills such as emotional intelligence, growth mindset, teamwork, critical thinking, lifelong learning, and oral and written communications.

The experience was amazing. I encourage people to give back to the community because it's humbling and fun. 

- Eman M., Second Harvest Food Bank Volunteer

Employers have consistently ranked non-technical skills as critical for hiring and advancement in the workforce. Our students also need to have a strong sense of community and build community as they navigate work and life. 

By participating in service leadership projects, students feel more engaged and develop a stronger sense of community.

Research and Service Leadership Symposium

These #60for60 Service Leadership Projects list above are examples of community and social activism projects that were submitted for the first Research and Service Leadership Symposium on May 17, 2018. LEARN MORE 

For submissions or questions, contact Vanessa Smith, Interim Director of Marketing and Public Relations, at smithvanessa@foothill.edu.

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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

Join Us May 16, 2024

It's not too early to prepare for our spring RSLS. Develop projects in research, service and art.

Applications open Oct. 24, 2023.

See upcoming workshops. Start planning this fall.

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