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CSU/IGETC Certifications

Once students are accepted as a transfer by a California State University or University of California campus, the transfer institution will typically require a General Education (GE) certification. Please see below for the types of GE certifications and instructions to submit a request.​





GE pattern used by transfer students to satisfy GE requirements for UC transfer.​



Alternative GE pattern used by transfer students to satisfy GE requirements for CSU transfer.​

CSU GE Breadth


GE pattern used by transfer students to satisfy GE requirements for CSU transfer.​

Request a CSU/IGETC Certification

Review Your DegreeWorks Audit and Download PDF for Request Form

Step 1: Visit DegreeWorks.

Step 2: Click the "What-If" tab which is the second option to the right of "Academic Audit".

Step 3: Change the search parameters:

  • Level: Foothill Undergraduate
  • Degree: Transfer General Education FH
  • Major: IGETC-UC FH or IGETC-CSU FH or CSU GE/Breadth FH

Step 4: Click the blue "Process" button to execute the "What-If" audit.

After running this audit, you will be able to verify your progress on the specific GE pattern.

Step 5: Click the Printer Icon at the top right of the screen.

Step 6: Save as a PDF

Fill Out the GE Certification Request Form

It is recommended to meet with a Counselor before submitting this form to ensure that you have met all requirements for a full certification.

Complete the GE Certification form. Please be sure to list the correct mailing address for the school that you wish for this to be sent to, and attached the Degree Works audit PDF.


The UC IGETC has a foreign language requirement. If you are intending on using two years of foreign language from high school, please be sure that your high school transcripts are on file.

Not ensuring this may result in a submitting of a partial IGETC.

If you need to submit your LOTE please go to Item #3 for the Language other than English request form first.


General Education Transfer Certification Request Form

  • Last community college attended prior to transferring must be Foothill College in order to request a certification
  • Only one (1) official GE certification will be processed per student
  • Request must be submitted prior to transfer. (3)
  • All other college and/or university official transcripts must be on file with Admissions and Records--including College Board AP Exam scores, if using AP credit


Language other than English (LOTE)

If you need to have your Language other than English (LOTE) completed please fill out the Language other than English request form before submitting your General Education Transfer Certification Request.


Langauge other than English Request Form

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