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Adding Classes

Review Guidelines for Adding Classes after the Quarter Starts

First Week of the Quarter

Open registration for courses ends approximately 10 p.m. the evening prior to the first day of the class. The course waitlist expires the same time and all students who are not registered must request an add code from the instructor in order to register during the first week of classes.

  • After regular registration has closed, the information in the online schedule related to “seats available” in the class is not accurate and not a guarantee that an instructor will provide an add code.
  • Important: Add codes are given out at the discretion of the instructor. Once you receive an add code you must use it immediately and attend class the first week.
  • An add code is not a contract and does not entitle a student to attend class if they do not register or are prevented from registering due to a registration hold.
  • Students who do not use add codes promptly or do not attend class the first two weeks will be dropped by the instructor for non-attendance. Students who are not registered cannot attend class. Those who attend class without being registered will be asked to leave by the instructor.

Requests For Adding After the Second Week of the Quarter

The Business and Social Sciences Division will not accept late add requests after the second week of the quarter and the first week of the summer term.

  • If you have been attending class without being registered and request a late add, it will be denied and you will need to sign up for the class in the following quarter.

Research demonstrates that students who add late perform significantly worse than students who begin class the first week. Therefore, we do not encourage non-success among students by accepting late add requests after the second week of the quarter.

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