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Alexis AguilarF Geography Instructor 650.949.7580Email
Arthur ArdizzoneP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Steve BathamF History Instructor (650) 949-7217Email
Mark BauermeisterP Sociology/Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Lloyd BensonP Accounting Instructor 530.360.1889Email
Sean BowmanP Accounting Instructor Email
Jeffrey BullockP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
David BushP History Instructor Email
Rebecca ButlerP Accounting Instructor Email
Sara CallowP Political Science Instructor n/aEmail
Falk CamminF Program Director, Humanities Mellon Scholars Program & Humanities & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7442Email
Christine CarducciP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Alexander ChanP Accounting Instructor Email
Jason ChangP Philosophy Instructor n/aEmail
Michael ChangP Business Instructor 650.949.7241Email
Rita ChiangP Economics Instructor n/aEmail
Ronald ChunP Business Instructor 415.977.1300Email
Allison ClarkP Psychology Instructor Email
Justin CoburnP History Instructor n/aEmail
Amber ColbertP Sociology Instructor n/aEmail
Alex CollinsF Sr. Admin Assistant (650) 949-7945Email
Samuel ConnellF Professor (650) 949-7197Email
Jeff CormierP Sociology Instructor n/aEmail
STEPHEN CRYP Appreticeship Instructor (831) 633-6091Email
Justine CuevasP Geography Instructor n/aEmail
Maryam DahaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Aida DargahiP Humanities and Honors Instructor & Director of the Humanities Lecture Series n/aEmail
Bharti DaveP Child Development Instructor (248) 971-4116Email
Katherine DavidsonP Anthropology Instructor 541.600.6909Email
M. Kathryn DavisP Geography Instructor Email
Dolores DavisonF History & Women's Studies Instructor (650) 949-7196Email
Lisa DeLapoF Innovator in Residence - Krause Center for Innovation 650-949-7010Email
Maria DominguezF Child Development Instructor 408.745.8042Email
Lisa DrakeF Accounting Instructor (650) 949-7569Email
Ben DubinP Managing Partner - Health Gap Ventures 408-621-0170 (mobile)Email
Garrett DunwoodyP Adjunct Instructor Geospatial Technology n/aEmail
Angelica DupreeP Economics Instructor Email
Martina EbesugawaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Grace Sumabat EstradaP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Brian EvansF Economics & Honors Instructor use emailEmail
Farima FakoorP Accounting Instructor 408.674.2939Email
Gina FirenziP Business Instructor n/aEmail
Matthew FisherP Business Instructor 925-522-6446Email
Gustavo FloresP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
John FoxF Sociology, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7419Email
Kathleen FungP History Instructor n/aEmail
Miloni GandhiP Internship for Credit and Global Studies Instructor Email
Justin GauthierP Psychology Instructor Email
Jim GayP Faculty (559) 497-1295Email
Carol GeringP Business Instructor n/aEmail
Katrina GerryP Psychology Instructor (952) 474-4805Email
Nancy GhodratP Accounting Instructor Email
Patricia Gibbs StayteF Professor, Chair, Sociology Department / Campus Tenure Review Coordinator (650) 949-7474Email
Denise GiottaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Juston GlassP Accounting Instructor 650.949.7777Email
Mark GonnermanP Humanities Instructor Email
Teresa GonsoskiP Child Development Instructor 408.745.8000Email
Ana GonzalezP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Subha GopalP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Alma (Daisy) GutierrezP Geography Instructor n/aEmail
Margaret HamzaP Accounting Instructor Email
Christine HansellP Geography & GIS Instructor n/aEmail
Anthony HansonP Philosophy Instructor Email
Mark HarmonP Business & Political Science Instructor n/aEmail
Seth HiattP Geography & Geographic Information Systems Instructor n/aEmail
David HoekengaP Humanities and Philosophy Instructor Email
Aileen HuangP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Mark HylkemaP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Julie JenkinsF Anthropology, Global Studies & Honors Instructor Email
Michelle JulianP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Tony KashaniP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Robert KayP Faculty (650) 692-0442Email
Monica KeaneP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Julie KennedyP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Nicole KerbeyF Child Development Instructor, Dept. Chair (408)745-8056Email
Timothy KingP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Jacqueline KiteP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Aaron KorngiebelF Dean, Business and Social Sciences Email
Claire KoukoutsakisP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Mary Ashley LattaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Natalie LatteriP Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Laurence LewF Business Instructor (650) 949-6138Email
Eta LinF Psychology & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7669Email
Jackie LoggP Sociology Instructor n/aEmail
Irene LuiP Accounting Instructor Email
Srikanth MamidannaP Accounting Instructor 650.949.7777Email
Natasha MancusoF Business Instructor 650.949.7577Email
Patrick MarderP History Instructor n/aEmail
Leroy MartinP Sociology Instructor 408.929.7400Email
Kathryn MaurerF Anthropology, Global Studies & Honors Instructor 650.949.7751Email
Gayle MayekawaP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Joe MayerP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Steven McGriffP Instructor Learning in New Media Classrooms (LINC) 650.949.7680Email
Megan McNamaraP Sociology Instructor 831-345-5510Email
K. Allison Lenkeit MeezanF Geography, GIS & Global Studies Instructor 650.949.7166Email
Nancy MelucciP Psychology Instructor 562.938.3131Email
Matthew MendizabalP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Thomas MeredithP Political Science Instructor n/aEmail
Cristina MilesiP Instructor Geospatial Technology n/aEmail
Michelle MullaneP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Waleed NasrP Business Instructor n/aEmail
Linda NeffP Anthropology Instructor 928-637-5606Email
Gabriel NegreteP Accounting Instructor 650.555.5555Email
Irina NovikovP Accounting Instructor Email
Shankari PatelP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Jay PatykF Economics Instructor (650) 949-7471Email
Erica PaulP Apprenticeship Instructor (408) 453-6330Email
Linda PaulosP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Cassandra PereiraP Email
Jennifer Perez-HernandezP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Julianne PerryP Business Instructor (801) 822-1012Email
Florina PetcuP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Michele Pilati CorselliP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Georgia PlattsP Women's Studies Instructor Email
Emily PolivkaP Accounting Instructor Email
Paul PonleithnerP Accounting Instructor Email
Jennifer PriceP Anthropology Instructor Email
John ProvostP Philosophy Instructor 18315828651Email
Mona RawalP Philosophy and Humanities Instructor n/aEmail
Krista RentschlerP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Tiffany RideauxF Psychology Instructor & Umoja Coordinator (650) 949-7412Email
Benjamin A. RiveraP Apprenticeship Instructor (408) 263-1712Email
Liz RobertsP Sociology Instructor n/aEmail
Shani RobinsP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Jo Rainie RodgersP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Vivian RollingerP Child Development Instructor Email
Kerri RyerF Political Science Instructor (650) 949-7649Email
Malkiat SandhuP Economics Instructor n/aEmail
Katherine SchaefersP Anthropology Instructor n/aEmail
Selvasodan SelvaretnamP Business Instructor n/aEmail
Sara SeyedinF Accounting Department Chair & Professor of Accounting and Business 650.949.7483Email
Jenevieve Silva_SSF Administrative Assistant II Email
Sheila SmithP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Rachel StandishP Women's Studies & History Instructor Email
Ben StefonikF Psychology & Honors Instructor (650) 949-7473Email
Ted StotlarP Business Instructor (650) 787-6594Email
Sarah StraderP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Anan SturgessP Accounting Instructor 408.645.0805Email
Grace Sumabat EstradaP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Cheryl SundheimP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Brian TapiaF Philosophy Instructor (650) 949-7312Email
Joe TorrettoP Accounting Instructor 408.569.1844Email
Marianne Tougas VernacchiaP Psychology Instructor n/aEmail
Nick TuttleF Psychology Instructor (650) 949-7056Email
Olga Van HulsenP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Lisa Verissimo IraP Economics Instructor Email
Voltaire VillanuevaP Psychology Instructor (650) 949-7428Email
Ruth WachobP Child Development Instructor n/aEmail
Jose Wang-NavaF Accounting/Business Instructor (650) 949-7186Email
Kevin Wang-NavaP Business Instructor 408.390.0420Email
Amber WittnerP Geography & Geospatial Technology Instructor n/aEmail
John WolfP Anthropology & Honors Instructor n/aEmail
Tai Dennis WongP Business Law Instructor 510.735.8889Email
Catherina WongP Accounting Instructor n/aEmail
Joseph WoolcockF Political Science, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7745Email
Yulia YukinaP Economics, Honors Instructor n/aEmail
Carley ZandersP Psychology Instructor Email
Jie ZhouP Accounting Instructor Email
Bill ZiegenhornF History Instructor (650) 949-7799Email
M. Cory ZwerlingP Business Instructor n/aEmail