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Jeff in 2013

Jeff Anderson, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Mathematics Professor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division

(650) 949-7116



Foothill campus
Office: Room 4141


Email is not the best way to get a hold of me. To learn more about my email policy, please visit the URL below:

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and patience.



To view a current version of my weekly schedule, please visit the following URL:

This schedule includes my listed student (office) hours.


Course information:

Thank you for your interest in my teaching. You can learn a lot more about my classes by visiting the homepage of each course that I teach. Below, I've listed all courses I currently offer as an instructor and the corresponding homepages:

Math 2B: Applied Linear Algebra

Engineering 11: Introduction to MATLAB

Math 105: Intermediate Algebra

Math 1C: Multivariable Differentiation, Sequences and Series

Math 1D: Multivariable Integration

On each homepage you can find my most recent syllabus, a tentative course calendar, my complete lecture notes, in-class problems, sample quiz and exam questions, links to my YouTube playlists for each course, and much more.



My top-level professional goal is to use antiracist learning science to help people thrive. I hope also to empower people in my life to develop their own sense of democratic engagement in our communities and to think critically about how they might use their learning skills as tools to serve and empower other people.

To develop this interest, I am working with a team of Foothill alumni and faculty members to build The Learning Code. This project focuses on creating a community with a central focus on empowering students to develop deep learning skills and to help students advocate for system transformation.

To find out more about the Learning Code, please see:

The Learning Code Blog (new posts every Friday at 6pm)

The Learning Code YouTube Channel:

The Learning Code on Spotify Show:



Jeff Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of California at Davis in 2013. Jeff maintains the website

You can find over 600 math videos of Jeff's YouTube channel:

You can also read some of Jeff's writing on Teaching and Learning on his slowly-growing blog:


Personal Quote:

"The teacher is no longer merely the-one-who-teaches, but one who is him/herself taught in dialogue with the students, who in turn while being taught also teach. They become jointly responsible for a process in which all grow." -Paulo Freire

"The good news is that racist and antiracist are not fixed identities. We can be a racist one minute and an antiracist the next. What we say about race, what we do about race, in each moment, determines what- not who- we are." -Ibram X. Kendi

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