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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Welcome to summer session

July 3, 2023

Welcome to the first day of summer session. This weekly message is a playful take on our unique address. Each week I highlight 5 messages: initiatives and events where I hope we can partner–in thought, spirit, or location–to advance connection and community.

(1) Graduation kudos.

Graduation celebrations were a triumph. Not only was Friday’s Commencement a joy filled, high energy rite of passage, the many bespoke graduations over the last two weeks communicated to students that student success is our heartbeat. The “Grad Cam” and pre-ceremony stage show stoked a festive atmosphere. If you missed it, check out the video on Youtube. Speaking of missing out, I try not to contribute to anyone’s FOMO, but if you did not stay for the graduation after party at the Smithwick courtyard, I encourage you to seize the next opportunity. I was dead on my feet until Music Technology professor’s Eric Kuehnl’s 80s Cover band, Retrospekt, had me singing all the words to the soundtrack of my high school years. Kudos to the Graduation Planning Committee, anchored by Catalina Rodriquez. The effort was so great that I need to acknowledge the whole (and considerable) powerhouse team:
Core Planning Team
Jessica Natarajan
Victoria Strelnikova
Daphne Small
Antoinette Chavez
Christopher Custer
Laurie Scolari

Marketing Team
Simon Pennington
Jerry Robredo
Julie Ceballos


Grounds Team
Joel Cortez
Manny Dasilva
Joel Cadiz

Campus PD
Chief Danny Acosta
Jeff Mcoy
and Team

Simon Pennington
Josh Pelletier
Olga Strelnikova
Mona Rawal
Patricia Mendoza
Sonia Sanchez
Paloma Macias

Kamara Tramble
Adiel Velasquez
Melia Arken
Alex Collins
Holly Hawkinson
Victor Li
Chris Yang
Benjamin Kaupp
Ana Maravilla
Frederik Thio
Kate Jordahl
Nina Haywood
Amit Freikorn
Khang Nguyen
Leigh Howell
Dennis Cima
Pauline Brown
Julie Brown
Jackie Lauese
Daniel Velazquez
Michael Valles
The whole grounds crew!


Deans/Name Readers: Chris Allen, Nancy Cheung, Ron Herman, Valerie Fong, Zachary Cembellin, Aaron Korngiebel, and Mike Teijeiro


ASFC Design Team: Alejandra Mendez, Jenna Jang


EMT Students: Erina, Yasmine, Annie, Andrew D., Ayaka, Gabe, Trevor, William


ETS: Erik La Grange and Team

(2) Summer Hours.

With the July 4th Holiday tomorrow and the beginning of the 4-10 work week, my calendar is quite livable. I am only taking a few days of vacation next week (half day on the 12th and all day on the 13th). If you are on campus this summer, swing by 1900 to say hello and if you want to walk and talk, I welcome “getting to know you” while “getting my steps.”

(3) Vaccination Requirement.

In response to Board of Trustee action, the suspension of the COVID 19 vaccination requirement begins today. Please remember that all students are still required to report a positive COVID test. This will be required until February 3, 2025 due to requirements from Cal/OSHA. Bookmark our COVID-19 Health & Safety page for resources and information.

(4) Food Trucks.

Our first food truck of the summer will be here next Wednesday. Leave your lunch box at home and meet me at the Library Quad fountain on July 12th to patron Big Ruub’s and Zach’s Tacos.

(5) Supreme Court Decisions.

The last week has been a time for the educational leaders across the nation to wrestle with the court’s action and assess the impact to our students. Out of the anguish of the ruling on race in college admissions a renewed energy around ending the affirmative action for affluence–legacy admissions–is manifesting. Our State Chancellor’s statement as well as our District Chancellor’s words capture the import of this moment. I’ll end by amplifying another powerful voice–that of Justice Sotomayer, “ [the decision] cements a superficial rule of colorblindness as a constitutional principle in an endemically segregated society where race has always mattered and continues to matter.” She adds, “The majority’s vision of race neutrality will entrench racial segregation in higher education because racial inequality will persist so long as it is ignored.”

Yours in Service,