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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Tacos, Tacos and Kudos

July 17, 2023

(1) Kudos for Tacos.

Tacos are great but the people that made Enrollment Days & Tacos a success are student-centered champions. Around 50 employees showed up last Friday to support the enrollment and registration of over 200 future Owls. Today the success of the strategy was on repeat. Dedication was displayed everywhere! Thank you to the leadership of Dr. Laurie Scolari and her entire team. See the full list of professionals working Friday after my signature line. 

(2) We are not done with tacos!

This Wednesday the taco truck in the library quad will be back, stocked for the high demand we saw last week. Come between 11 am -1 pm for tacos. 

(3) Accreditation Kudos.

More kudos the EMT/EMS crew for a successful accreditation site visit. Having attended the debrief while the team from Texas and Louisiana was here, I was not surprised to hear the site team praise the faculty and medical director. They also had great things to say about state-of-the-art equipment. The leadership team of incoming full-time faculty and program director Glenn Kurisu and current director Dave Huseman and the ever-dedicated Nadine Torres will chart next steps with Dean Nancy Cheung , AVP Teresa Ong and Acting AVP Ram Subramaniam this week. Congratulations Team!

(4) Reflective Practices.

Opening Day for Fall 2023 is being thoughtfully planned. An agenda for the full day is forthcoming but, spoiler alert, the term “reflective practitioner” will receive dimension through a campus-wide discussion. At its core is a solid commitment to asking questions about the work we do, what outcomes we expect, and making informed, equity-driven and heart-forward adjustments that support learning. 

(5) AB 1887 Travel Prohibition.

Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming have been added to the list of states in which state funds may not, with limited exception, support travel. The list, which may be accessed here, and has grown to nearly half the country.  I’ll hold onto the radical hope that someday soon discriminatory practices no longer limit our range of motion.   


Yours in service,


Dr. Kristina Whalen​


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