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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Festival of Samhain

November 1, 2023

(1) Festival of Samhain.

Yesterday and today are meaningful days for so many.  With an Irish background, I celebrate the Festival of Samhain, which many believe are the origins of Halloween and I stopped by the Ofrenda today to honor my loved ones on this Day of the Dead. If or however you mark the occasion, I wish you a meaningful, festive, or reflective time. 

(2) Fund for the Future.

I had the good fortune to sit down with students Amit Freikorn and Paulo Verzosa and faculty advisor Brian Evans of Fund the Future. This student club has kicked off a Fall fundraiser to help alleviate global poverty through the support of Namaste Direct and Dream Volunteers, both well respected organizations with ties to Foothill College. The students are asking, during this season of giving, for your donation of $5 a month. See the attached flyer for instructions. Generous donors are invited to a party on December 15th in the Dining Hall. Both organizations will be there to share their impact.

(3) Winter Wonderland Party.

Save the date: December 6th. The Office of the President will kick off the festive season with some fellowship in the Dining Hall from 12-1:30. Feasting and festivities are on tap!

(4) Guatemalan Visit.

This Friday Guatemalan Secretary of Science and Technology, Ana Chan, will be visiting Foothill College to talk with staff and students at the PSEC building. Secretary Chan wants to learn more about the Science Learning Institute, Emerging Technology Institute, and the Business Case Competition. This visit was made possible by Lawrence Lew. Thanks Professor Lew!

(5) MIPC meeting this Friday.

All are welcome to attend the Mission Informed Planning Council this Friday from 1-3 in room 1901. More information is located on the website.

Yours in service,