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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Leaning into our strength of compassion

December 8, 2023

Dear Community,

Today, a virtual  “teach-in” has been organized by colleagues and in concert with the Palestinian Youth Collective. Though organized by people affiliated with our community, this is not a Foothill College-sponsored or endorsed event. Organizers of this event are entitled to exercise their right of free speech with a tactic used for decades on college campuses as a non-violent organizing tool. 

As a heart-forward community, I am publicly asking organizers and attendees of this event to lean into compassion for colleagues and fellow students who feel discomfort, if not fear, by the appearance of events and the use of slogans on our campus that are galvanizing discord and violence at others. We have a shared commitment to make sure that does not happen here. I want to reaffirm that Foothill College is a safe space for all staff and students. I have stated previously that any antisemitic or anti-Islamic rhetoric will not be tolerated. 

In the winter quarter, I’ll be forming a Presidential Advisory group comprised of a broad coalition of stakeholders to advise and guide discussions on Foothill College’s role and response to political and social issues. I look forward to building a stronger community together.  

Yours in service,