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President's 12345 Message from Kristina Whalen

Presidential Advisory

February 12, 2024

(1) Presidential Advisory.

On Feb 1st, the Presidential Advisory on Social, Political, and Civic Engagement meeting was held with 25 people in attendance, including classified students, administrators, and faculty. This meeting was exploratory in nature–meant to assess the leadership and engagement needs of the campus on political issues outside the Strategic Vision for Equity scope. Several grounding questions were asked during the session. The group asked that the larger campus be given the opportunity to answer the same questions. Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on these important questions. 

Campus Feedback on Social Justice. 

The next meeting is March 20th from 2:30-4:00 p.m. If you would like to join the advisory, please contact Antoinette Chavez to be added to the invitation. 

(2) MIPC.

The Mission Informed Planning Council met on Feb 3 for the second meeting of the quarter. Several items of note:

  1. A working group is being formed to explore and perhaps reconceive what a campus bookstore looks like in a Foothill 2030 world. The current bookstore contract ends in 2026. Its brick-and-mortar storefront has limited hours and infrequent use. This group will thoughtfully and strategically consider what kind of bookstore we want and need for our students, staff, and programs.  There is a long lead time before decisions are made to allow for robust feedback from all campus stakeholders. Vice President Bret Watson is leading this work. Appointments to the work group are coming through constituent group senates.
  2. MIPC and other governance bodies are working to make sense of the various technology committees. A recommendation to facilitate coherence is still being deliberated. 
    Due to holidays and the Classified Professional Day, MIPC's next meeting is March 15th

(3) Student-led Political Awareness Day.

A Mardi Gras-themed event is being held in the Campus Center Dining Hall Tuesday, February 13, 2024. Beats, Beads, and Ballots! Share the flier and bring all the young voters to the hall. 

(4) Art of Community Speaker Suggestions.

The first Art of Community: Conversations in Shared Values with Favianna Rodriguez Giannoni Iwas a success with over 100 people attending. The next speaker in the series is being scheduled now. The planning group would like your input on potential speakers. If you have an idea, use this form to send it forward.  

(5) Black Panther 10 Demands Table Museum.

Enjoy the upcoming long weekend. On the other side, make time in your day to visit the Black Panther 10 Demands Table Museum on Feb 20th at 11:30 a.m. in the Campus Center Dining Hall. The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, California in 1966 by two California community college students. Join the Umoja Learning Community to learn about the Black Panther Party’s list of 10 Demands, Community Service Initiatives, and the Women behind the movement.


However, you spend Valentine's Day this week, may it start with self-love! 

Yours in service,