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High School Students


Q. What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment provides current high school students the opportunity to get an early start on earning college credit. Many courses are transferable to four-year colleges and universities, others lead to a short-term certificate and/or associate degree.

Q. Who can participate in the Foothill College dual enrollment program?

Any current high school student (grades 9-12). 

Q. How can I participate in the Foothill College dual enrollment program?

You must complete the enrollment process and consult with your high school counselor.

Q. Is there any cost associated with participating in dual enrollment?

There is no cost to current high school students who take no more than 11 units during any regular quarter (six in the summer). Textbooks and other fees are not covered. 

Q. What happens if I take courses that pass the 11 unit limit?

High school students who take more than 11 units during a regular quarter (six during summer) will pay for all enrollment fees.

Dual enrollment high school students enrolled in 12 units (six in the Summer) or more at either Foothill College, De Anza College or combined, are considered a regular full-time student and will be charged all fees. Students interested in taking excess units should contact Anthony Cervantes, Admissions & Records Supervisor, for additional information at

Q. Will I get college credit for taking courses?

Students who complete dual enrollment courses will receive community college credit for successfully completing the course(s). In most cases, courses are also CSU and UC transferable. When in doubt, students should consult with a Foothill College counselor.

Q. How do I access tutoring for my Foothill class?

Free in-person and online tutoring is available through the Teaching and Learning Center, the STEM Success Center, NetTutor, and OpenStudy which is an online learning community. 

Q. If I have trouble getting transportation to and from Foothill College or Sunnyvale Center is any help available?

Yes. Foothill College can provide you with a free Clipper Card SmartPass which allows you to use VTA buses and the light rail systems in Santa Clara County at no cost. Foothill College a has a daily bus service to main campus and a light rail service with two stops near the new Sunnyvale Center. 

Q. Am I eligible to participate in this program if I am undocumented?

Yes, undocumented students are welcome to participate in dual enrollment. 

Q. What happens if I need to drop out of the course I am enrolled in?

There are several ways to drop a class during the “drop period”. Log in to MyPortal and review important drop deadlines by clicking on “View Your Class Schedule”. If you drop your class during the “drop period”, there will be no record of you enrolling on your transcripts. If you drop your class after the “drop period” a “W” for “Withdrawn” will appear on your Foothill College transcripts.


Q. Can I take classes at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Center?

Yes, you can take classes online, at the main Foothill campus in Los Altos, or at Sunnyvale Center. View a list of courses offered at Sunnyvale Center

Q. Can I meet with a Foothill College counselor?

For questions regarding high school requirements, see your high school counselor.

Q. Does any Foothill College class I take transfer to California State University or University of California?

Not all Foothill College classes are transferable. It is important to meet with a counselor to discuss what classes you are enrolling in and ensure they meet your college goals and are transferrable to a 4-year university. 


Q. Are classes I take at Foothill College permanently on my transcript?

All Foothill College courses will appear on your permanent record and must be reported to any other college or university to which you apply.

Q. If I am taking classes at Foothill College while in high school, can my parents access my records?

College student records are confidential and protected by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Your parents may not access your records (regardless of your age).

Q. If I take Foothill College classes while I am in high school, do I become a transfer student when I apply to a 4-year university?

Students who plan to apply to a university directly from high school will apply as a freshman and indicate that they have completed college coursework while in high school. Many students elect to continue studying at Foothill after high school until they complete 90 transferable quarter units. In those instances, students will apply as a transfer student, which offers numerous preferred and guaranteed transfer opportunities. Please consult with the Foothill College Transfer Center for details.

Q. If I have an IEP at my high school can I get the same accommodations I receive there at Foothill?

Our Disability Resource Center counselors will assist you with receiving accommodations for Foothill classes. Since your IEP only applies to high school classes your accommodations will be made based on the Foothill College process.  

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can contact Josh Pelletier, Supervisor of Student Outreach and CTE Transition, at or 650.949.7445.

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