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M. Cory Zwerling, B.A., M.S.

Business Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division



Foothill campus
Office Hours:
Please confirm office meetings by email. Office hours will usually be prior to class times.


Let's bring the real business world into the Foothill classrooms! I've competed in business and am excited to bring these experiences and learnings to you.

I am a part-time instructor in Foothill's Business and Social Science Division (BSS). Finance and Investments will be my course areas. Please check my website for more details on my classes.

Finance is a key building block of business. Money matters and finance focuses on that money. Every start-up, midsized company and global conglomerate utilizes finance to measure performance, facilitate business growth and create wealth.

Learning about finance will also improve your quality of life by helping you optimize your personal assets.


Introduction to Investments (BUSI 61), Fall 2014, Wednesday, 5:00pm - 8:00pm.
More information on BUSI 61 can be found at:

Course information:

In BUS 61, students will gain knowledge of the financial markets, personal finance and the trade off of risk & rewards. In addition, financial fundamentals will be covered to give student entrepreneurs a foundation so they can communicate business opportunities to investors and VCs in our Silicon Valley community.


My college age kids are an important personal interest.
Exercising or sweating is important to my sanity. I do this mostly in the gym these days, but I've run a few marathons.
I've had the opportunity to live overseas (in Thailand and Australia). It's a small world and living overseas is a tremendous experience. Grab it if you get a chance.
I enjoy all sports, from high school, college and professional across basketball, football, soccer, hockey, track, golf, Frisbee, cricket, Aussie football, (maybe not NASCAR). I'm a sucker for good competition, the strategy and uncertainty of the outcome.

My idea of a great gig is working with a new business, analyzing their strategic business plan and implementing the plan with the team. For me, creating, tweaking and getting things done with a group is tremendously energizing.

As a business leader, I've spent a lot of time teaching people about strategy, finance, marketing, culture, etc. Good business leaders are good teachers and communicators. I'm psyched to now be teaching at Foothill.


New York was my first home.

I attended college at Cornell University (BA in Economics), then went to work on Wall Street for E.F. Hutton, developing personal financial planning, which these days is called wealth management services.

I then headed to Boston to MIT's Sloan School of Management completing a Master's in Applied Economics and Finance.

I worked with Citibank, developing financial hedges for international debt assets using exchange rates (a little FX arbitrage).

At Touche Ross, I provided financial consulting services to clients in the USA.

My career then took me to the Pharmaceutical industry, where I contributed to Bristol-Myers Squibb for almost twenty years. I held a wide variety of roles. I started as a financial brand manager. I marketed and launched product in the US and overseas. I negotiated large partnership agreements. I ran a commercial business in Thailand. I led a sales team with 500+ people. My last role was as President of an integrated global Medical Imaging business, where we drove sales from $400 M to $600m, doubled profits to > $200M and expanded the R&D pipeline.
After Bristol, I served as a Board Director of a Publicly Traded company.

I moved to California in 2007 as CEO of a Biotech company.
And now, for the past few years, I have consulted for Start Up and Biotech companies in Silicon Valley & across the county.

So I've had a lot of hands on business experience with deep application of real world finance.

Personal Quote:

Go out on a limb, the sun may be shining there.

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