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Katherine Davidson, M.A.

Anthropology Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division




Foothill campus
Office: Your Course Chat Room
Office Hours:
Typically Mondays, from 9-11am, in the course chat room. I can also be reached anytime M-F from 9am-7pm at 541 600-6909. Texting prefered.




Course information:

Anth 001 Physical Anthropology:
Survey and investigation of the basic processes of evolution and their application to the development of modern humans. Impact of natural selection and genetics on development of new species. Evolutionary processes behind the physical and behavioral development of primates. History of the human lineage by reconstructing the fossil record, using investigations by paleoanthropologists, geologists, biologists, and archaeologists. Relationship between contemporary biology and behavior, facilitating an understanding of the effect of them upon future humankind.

ANTH 2A Cultural Anthropology:
Introduction to the study of human culture and the concepts, theories, and methods used in the comparative study of sociocultural systems, with an emphasis on understanding and appreciating human diversity. Topics include a cross-cultural exploration of: subsistence strategies; social, political and economic organization; language and communication; marriage and kinship; religion; gender; ethnicity and race; social inequality; culture change; and the effects of colonialism and globalization. Focus is made on the application of anthropological perspectives to contemporary social issues.

ANTH 008 Archaeology:
Introduction to the historical development, theory and techniques of archaeological research and fieldwork. Development of comparative approach to the study of ancient cultures. Focus on cultural resource management, survey and selection of field sites, dating, excavation, artifact classification, interpretation of data and written analysis.


Paleopathology, shamanism, gardening, remodeling.


Masters in Biological Anthropology from UCLA.
Bachelors in Anthropology, UCSB.

Past Employment:
Field Archaeologist
Physical Anthropologist
Zooarchaeology Lab
NAGPRA Inventory
UCLA Museum
ASU Museum

Current Employment:
Foothill Instructor since 1996
Lane Community College since 2003

Personal Quote:

"Love is only a dirty trick placed on us [by natural selection] to achieve continuation of the species." -William Somerset Maugham

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