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For information and question regarding the resources listed below or if you have questions about enrolling at Foothill College for the 2020-21 academic year?  Contact April Henderson at

Preparing to attend Foothill College

Preparation is key to a successful college experience. As a former Foster Youth, having access to funding to support you while enrolled is critical. Start here and discover financial opportunities to help fund your college future.

Getting Started

Apply for Financial Aid

To determine your eligibility for the following programs and more, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or the CADAA (California Dream Act Application), which ever applies (Definitions for applications can be found HERE):

  • Cal Grant (Strongly encouraged to apply by March 2)
  • Foothill College Promise: Free tuition and Textbooks for Full-time, first-time college students.
  • Pell Grant
  • Community College Promise Grant (CCPG): Students can complete a separate application for CCPG only. However, If you've completed the FAFSA or CADAA, no additional application is required.

Full list of Financial Aid Programs with Descriptions

Apply for Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS)

Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS)

Former Foster Youth who are first-time college students or have very little college experience and are planning to enroll as full-time (limited exception to part-time may be available) are highly encouraged to apply for EOPS services. EOPS provides:

  • Individualized Counseling
  • Book Vouchers
  • Tutoring Services
  • 4-year college fee waivers
  • Dedicated staff committed to student success
  • Equipment loans and more...


Applicants must complete the FAFSA/CADAA or CCPG application. Additional application and eligibility requirements will apply.

Foster Youth Specific Programs

Chafee Grant or Chafee Educational Training Voucher (ETV) (Must also complete FAFSA. Strongly encouraged to apply by March 2)  Up to $5000 for education or training.  Must have financial need and meet eligibility criteria.

Pivitol Scholarship: FAFSA not required. Must meet eligibility criteria.

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Whether your academic goals are to graduate, Transfer to a 4-year UC/CSU, Private institution or to receive a certificate, scheduling a General Counseling Appointment and creating an Educational Plan is crucial to you attaining academic success.

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