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How to Update the Faculty & Staff Directory

We invite and encourage all Foothill employees to add their names and keep their contact information current in our faculty and staff directory on the public website.

A link to the directory can be found from the top-level global navigation on all web pages.

Example of a Search Result

Directory search result example image with contact information


Steps to Add Your Name and Make Edits

Do you already have a Foothill College directory listing and account?


  1. GO TO the Update/Request Directory Entry page
  2. SEARCH for your name

If your name is not found, fill out the entry form to request a new directory listing.

  • This will create a request to add your name into the C3MS database, where all directory information is housed.
  • When your directory listing is created, you'll be given  account access to update your contact information when needed.

If your name is listed and you don't remember your account login and password, email and

If your existing listing has disappeared, it has likely expired but still exists in the database.  The expiration date can be extended by emailing and


Log into the C3MS database

  1. NAVIGATE to and log in to C3MS
  2. If you don't remember your user name or password, EMAIL and

Update your directory listing information

  1. After you log in to C3MS, SCROLL to Personal Faculty Staff Updates.

    Personal Updates Tool
  2. SELECT Update Your Listing to edit your contact information. Note:  Include your department in your title, such as Music Instructor, or Music & Theatre Arts Instructor (if you teach in multiple departments).
  3. When you are done making updates, SCROLL to the bottom of the form to SELECT Record Changes.

Check your updated directory listing

Check that your directory listing is updated and displayed on all relevant pages.

  1. Foothill Directory search page
  2. Your division faculty & staff page. See BSS example
  3. Your department faculty & staff page. See Mathematics example
If you have any problems, please contact and
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