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Office of Equity and Inclusion

Closing the Equity Gap, One Success Story at a Time

Equity Statement

Believing a well-educated population is essential to sustaining a democratic and just society, we commit to the work of equity, which is to dismantle oppressive systems (structural, cultural, and individual) and create a college community where success is not predictable by race.

– Foothill College, Equity Plan 2.0

Equity Plan 2.0

equity strategic plan

We invite you to read our new equity plan, Foothill College Strategic Vision for Equity 2021–2025 —finalized in February 2021.

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Informed by all voices in our community—students, staff, faculty, and administrator—this plan will be a significant shift from the siloed work that has historically occurred.

Given that this visionary plan has come together, not as a state mandate but rather a college collaborative effort, constructed by the voice of the campus community, this plan provides a unique opportunity to hold ourselves accountable to our scope of equity work, demonstrated in our commitment and accountability to our values, our personal growth, and to results.

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Executive Summary

Foothill College Strategic Vision for Equity 2021-2025

View Drafts of Equity Plan 2.0 and Past Plans

Black Lives Matter Messagefrom President Thuy Nguyen, May 31, 2020

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Our Purpose

The Office of Equity and Inclusion was created to develop and support a culture of equity at Foothill College that promotes student success, particularly for underserved students.

It supports the district and college missions, which define equity as efforts to close equity gaps across all student outcomes.

The office's functions are guided by the goals and initiatives stated in the College's educational master plan (EMP) and student equity plan (SEP).

Our Work

  • Implement activities to improve the achievement of student outcomes
  • Support initiatives that reduce barriers and facilitate students' access and success
  • Ensure alignment and integration across various college initiatives, including the Basic Skills Initiative, Student Success and Support Program, and Student Equity Plan.

Types of Activities

Activities developed through our office seek to create a culture of equity that promotes student success.

  • Coordination of early intervention programs, such as Early Alert, supplemental instruction and Summer Bridge programs, that integrates Student Services and Instruction to provide student engagement and support for a variety of needs,
  • Development of a mentoring program that includes faculty and staff as well as peer to peer mentoring and is integrated with other early intervention efforts.
  • Expand professional development to provide faculty and staff with the tools they need to support underserved students.
  • Application of a robust research agenda with tools to provide faculty and staff data showing effective approaches to helping students succeed.



Black Lives Matter Foothill College Library

Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-racism is a lifelong commitment to doing the work, and that commitment can start with reading. See our Library Black Lives Matter resources lists.

Winter 2021 Book Club 


The Foothill College Office of Instruction invites staff, faculty, student leadership and administrators to participate in a book club to discuss Ibram Kendi's national bestseller "How to Be An Anti-Racist," led by Interim Associate Vice President of Instruction Kurt Hueg.  See how to order your book to participate.

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Office of Equity and Inclusion

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