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As far as academics are concerned, I was really impressed by the availability of professors, their passion, and dedication. One of the reasons why I was academically successful at Foothill was that I was well taught and guided by my teachers. Also, the students here— from a wide variety of cultures—made my learning experience fun. I did not have much trouble blending into that cosmopolitan community especially since the staff and teachers were helpful and welcoming, always providing guidance and support.

TRANSFER: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)




Foothill was a very different, yet amazing journey. You get to meet people from different cultures, countries, and continents. Every single individual here is very approachable and friendly, including the teachers. The system allows you to explore different academic fields, helping you to find the right major. I would advise new students to get involved and experience the social life around the campus. It’s never too late to try new things, such as joining clubs, student government, playing sports, and participating in cultural events. 

Dexter Lim - Malaysia
Transfer: University of California, San Diego
Major: Communications






Attending a community college like Foothill really helped me to clear my mind about my major for further studies. My time here gave me the possibility to calmly choose the right path by attending different classes in various fields, while also saving money. Compared to other colleges, Foothill offers a wider variety of challenging classes. Also, you can definitely benefit from the resources in Silicon Valley through internships, professors, workshops, and guest speakers in your classes.

Andrea Brivio - Italy
TRANSFER: University of Southern California 
Major: Accounting





Foothill is not just a place where I have been able to develop academically, but perhaps even more importantly, personally. The location adds to the experience in that you are exposed to such a wide range of cultures and people. I would not have developed to the same extent had I limited myself to my own country. Some of the things that really helped me develop during my time at Foothill were activities on and off campus. I attended the Harvard Project in Manila during my first year at Foothill, and the experience I had there was by far one that influenced the dedication during my last year and after I transferred.

Thomas Öfverström - Finland
Transfer: University of California, Berkeley 
Major: Economics




As an international student it is sometimes hard to adapt to a new culture, but through a lot of my extra-curricular activities I met friends for life! As a part of Student Government I was able to play an important role in the way our school serves the students. Student Government motivated me to perform better in my classes as I wanted to be a role model. Another activity that has really impacted me was Model United Nations. Through MUN, I got to compete with schools like Harvard, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego, which taught me a lot about debating and negotiating.  I also met many people from all over the country!

Casper Koopman – Netherlands
Transfer: University of British Columbia (Canada)
Major: International Relations and Economics




Many people might say being in Silicon Valley means many opportunities, and of course that is true, but I would rather say it is the atmosphere itself that is most benefitting. Since most of the people in Silicon Valley are among the most intellectual people, they create the best community and atmosphere for students to study. People you can meet in Mountain View are not only kind and friendly, but sophisticated. You can hardly find a place other than this neighborhood that will constantly keep you motivated. Above all, it is safe! (I know that is one of the most important factor for an international student!)

Ippei Kawano – Japan
Transfer: Charles University (Prague)
Major: Biology




Looking back at my journey so far I can truly say it was everything I could hope for; a home away from home. At Foothill, I got to meet people from all over the world and have found myself a family here with people from different races and ethnicities. My favorite memory from my time here is a day where I was feeling particularly blue and home sick. My roommates from Sweden went out and bought Indian food to eat it family style. I think that was the day I realized you don’t always have to be home to feel at home. I chose Foothill to start my undergraduate degree to gain valuable life experiences and to get better opportunities. I can truly say I have gained both.  

Shruti Venkatesh – India
Transfer: University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Communications





I could never have imagined that I would have a professor who also works at Google. Professor McDaniel taught us practical programming, but he also gave us demanding projects. He said, “I want to push you because that is how it is in reality at Google.”  He is an authority in this field and he is professional when it comes to programming, but on the other hand, he had a lot of patience for students. In a nutshell, I learned so much beyond an ordinary computer science class. He is my mentor and he is the best professor I have had.

Zhiwei (Roger) Ye – China
Transfer:  University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Computer Science




The best part of studying here is the diverse student body. Meeting and studying alongside the many different cultures has taught me a lot about the world. One benefit from being the president of the Indonesian Club is that I was given the opportunity to represent my culture within a multicultural environment. With many amazing students coming from various backgrounds, there is an enriched community to help students develop a global understanding in addition to the academic college experience.

Igar Ratditya - Indonesia
Transfer: University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Major: Economics




I met many teachers who were always willing to help and who inspired me a lot. They are very passionate and enthusiastic about their teaching and care about their students like their own children (I am not kidding). They did so much to help me succeed academically and I deeply appreciate all they did. Besides academics, Foothill provides many opportunities to get involved in campus life including clubs, student government, and campus events. 

Konoka (Kelli) Shiino - Japan
Transfer: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Humanities
MA Education – Teachers College, Columbia University




All of the instructors I have had were incredibly interesting people and I enjoyed my classes a lot. In my abnormal psychology class, I loved how connected it was with reality. We did not just discuss psychological disorders. My professor was a practicing forensic psychologist who shared with us many interesting stories from his experience. I learned a lot from all the classes I took at Foothill. It seemed like a perfect place to be. My experience here was truly unforgettable. 

Anastasia Borovich - Russia
Transfer: University of California, Los Angeles
Major: Applied Math




My dream was to attend a top ranked university, but I didn’t want to burden my family financially.  I learned about Foothill’s transfer strong reputation and agreements and decided to apply.  My parents were skeptical at first, but now are very happy with my choice.  I have learned that this is the best way to get a degree in the United States. I was able to save money and transfer to Purdue University to pursue Agricultural Engineering.  The beauty of Foothill’s campus, affordability, campus life, and competiveness provided me with an amazing experience.

Surej Sathya - India
Transfer: Purdue University
Major: Engineering


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