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Questions to Ask

Bring this list of questions with you when meeting with a university admission representative.  Download Questions to Ask

Questions to ask ALL Universities:

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT email these questions to the university representatives. Schedule a phone, virtual, or in-person appointment with them and be prepared to ask your top 5 questions from the list below.

Campus Culture/Identity/ Environment:

1. Do students at your campus actively work/study together and help each other?

2. What are the tutor centers like at the university?

3. What is one thing that students (like) and (don't like as much) about your campus?

4. What is your campus culture, identity, and environment? (What is your school known for?)

5. What is an average student class size?

6. How helpful and accessible are instructors?

7. Where can I meet or read about students’ perspective about your campus?

8. What are popular student clubs and how active is your student government?

9. How would you assess safety on campus, and where can I get more information?

 Major related Questions:

1. What are popular majors at your university?

2. What are similar majors to (your major here) at your university?

3. Is it possible to change my major once I’m admitted?

4. What is the GPA requirement for the (your major here) major?

Financial Questions:

1. How much is the annual tuition and other fees/costs?

2. Can someone at your college help me find figure out the overall cost to attend your university?

3. Can someone at your college help me find scholarships before I consider applying to your college?

4. What kinds of scholarships do you offer students?

Admissions Related Questions:

1. Do you accept Fall and Spring applications?

2. What is the overall GPA cumulative requirement?

3. What are specific transfer admission criteria I need to complete before I apply or transfer?

4. What is the contact information of your universities recruiter that works with transfer students?

Job/Internship/Volunteer Related Questions:

1. What on-campus job opportunities are available on your campus?

2. What research opportunities or major specific activities does your school offer for my major?

3. Does your campus help students find internships related to their major?

4. Does your campus have internships/volunteer opportunities for prospective transfer students?

5. What career services are available for students at your school?


Questions to ask Private and/or Out-of-State College/Universities:

1. Does your university accept transfer students that have attended community colleges for one - two years or more?

2. Does your university require SAT, ACT, or other exams for transfer students?

3. Does your university require a certain minimum of units be completed before I begin applying?

4. Does your university require letter of recommendations?

5. Does your university use the application called "COMMON APP" or does your university prefer students use a specific application?

6. Do I have to submit a College Report, Secondary Report, Mid-Term Report from the COMMON APP?

If applying to school in another country: What is the process to get an education visa to attend school in your country?

 You can also create your own questions.  Only you can be the expert on knowing what you need to ask.

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