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GPA Calculator

Who Should Use the GPA Calculator

If you are a former Foothill student but not currently enrolled, use the GPA calculator on this page.

If you are a currently enrolled student at Foothill College, please use the DegreeWorks GPA calculator located on the Student Tab in MyPortal.

Grade Policy for COVID-19 

Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the college adopted a temporary policy for grades earned in the Winter 2020, Spring 2020, Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms.

  • A grade of F earned in these terms will not be counted in calculating earned units or Grade Point Averages.
  • Grades of D+, D and D- earned in these terms will not be counted in calculating Grade Point Averages.

How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average (GPA)

Definition of Terms:
  • Credit Hours–The hours assigned to a course.This number is listed in both the schedule of classes and the catalog and is usually 1 to 5 hours.
  • Grade Value–The numerical value assigned to a grade: A+ = 4 points, A = 4 points, A- = 3.7 points, B+ = 3.3 points, B = 3 points, B- = 2.7 points, C+ = 2.3 points, C = 2 points, *C- = 1.7, D+ = 1.3 points, D = 1 point, D- = .7 points and F = 0 points. *Note that Foothill does not give C- grades. .
  • Grade Points–Number of credit hours for a course times the grade value.
  • Attempted Hours–Credit hours for which you earn a grade (excluding Incompletes , P/NP, or Ws); note: WF is the same grade as an F and counts in attempted hours.
  • Earned Hours–Credit hours that you passed (with a grade of D or higher).
  • Redlining of Course–When a course in which you received a substandard grade is taken for a second time and indicated on your transcript. The first grade will then be excluded from your GPA.
  • Repeat–When the course in which you received a substandard grade is repeated, beyond the redlining of a course limit, all non-redline attempts of the course are counted in the GPA regardless of the grade earned in the course.
  1. Enter the course name in the first field. (optional)
  2. Select the grade you received for the course.
  3. Enter the number of credit hours (units) for the course.
  4. Click on Calculate GPA.
Course Name Grade
Grade Points  
Total Your GPA

Repeated Courses & GPA Calculation

  1. Subtract the number of hours you are repeating (see definition above) and from the total hours attempted for all quarters.
  2. Subtract the grade points (if any) for the courses you are repeating from the total number of grade points earned for all quarters.
  3. Divide the new total hours attempted by the new grade points earned for the corrected GPA.

Note: Only the first course attempt can be removed from your GPA, additional attempts are called "repeats" and are averaged into your GPA.

Converting Semester Units to Quarter Units

  1. Multiply the total number of credit hours by 1.5.
  2. Multiply the total number of grade points by 1.5.
  3. Follow the above step-by-step directions.

Converting Quarter Units to Semester Units

  1. Multiply the total number of credit hours by .667.
  2. Multiply the total number of grade points by .667.
  3. Follow the above step-by-step directions.

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