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Dual Capacity Learning

Opportunities for Families and Professionals, Together

FEI offers families with children school-aged through college affordable and accessible continued multigenerational educational opportunites that are developmentally, culturally and linguistically responsive in six content areas through Noncredit Parenting (NCP) College Courses:

  • Parenting (Birth Through Adulthood)
  • Leadership Development
  • Family Literacy
  • Fatherhood/Male Involvement
  • Healthy Choices
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Family Learning Labs

Family Bridge to College provides first hand experiences that support families in navigating systems of higher education. Family Bridge to College Day is an all-day Saturday field trip to experience the Foothill College campus. The day is designed to give both families and school staff a college campus experience. This successful event includes STEAM-inspired maker space activities, campus tours, and culturally and linguistically responsive presentations from college counselors and first-generation college students.


  • California is home to 9,159,878 children (Ages 0-to-17). 
  • 4,195,000 are from immigrant families. 
  • 1,195,998 are english learners in K-12 schools. 
  • 43% are low-income. 

Source: Children Now Report Card 2020 

FEI Response

Dual Capacity Programs that directly serve families of diverse needs through FEI programs, such as NCP School Success, Navigating Middle School and Navigating High School College Courses, STEAM Family Learning Labs, Leadership Development, Family Bridge to College.

FEI Impact

Enrolled 8050 parents/caregivers from 21 priority schools* in 17 school districts to deliver culturally responsive programs.

*Title I/Free & Reduced-Price Lunch eligibility

Family Outcomes

Strengthened College Expectations & Gained Resources

99% agreed they learned to inspire their children to go to college, are better prepared to have conversations about college with their children, and learned about financial aid, scholarships and other college resources.

Strengthened Social Connections & Community Support

96-100% agreed they have connected with other families to form a network of support, and feel less isolated as a result.

Increased Access to Services & Gained Leadership Skills

94-100% agreed they now know how to advocate for educational, legal and health-related resources, are more confident to work with their community on important issues, and participate in leadership roles at school or within their community.

I learned that we can all reach our goals. We can motivate our children to fight for their dreams.

– Parent


Family Bridge to College was a great experience. I learned that there are college opportunities for everyone – not just for my kids but for me as well. Thank you!

– Parent


FEI has given me the courage to open up and go back to school to further my education and explore career opportunities. I gained confidence to step out of my comfort zone. 

– Parent


Family Bridge to College is a wonderful experience for the families I work with. It makes college tangible.

– Teacher


FEI gave me the opportunity to connect with families and encourage students to see college as part of their future.

– Principal

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